One Fine Evening

It was one regular afternon. I was just done taking few picture for this blog, I like to turn off all the lights in my room so I can get as much natural lights as possible eventhough it was starting to get dark. The clouds were helping me to get that soft box effect I always prefer when shooting. 
I was slowly eating a piece of lasagna that my sister has made. Savouring the combination of salty bechamel sauce, slightly tangy tomato, sweatiness of the ground beef, and the slightly crunchy crust of the pasta, all while sitting next to my big bedroom window and watching one of my youtuber's beauty favourites of the month. My room is still dark, lights were just peeking through my half closed laptop, and through the open curtains. Sounds of varying vehicles were my background music as it was the busiest hour of people rushing to get home as soon as possible. As I look up from my phone and gulping up the last bit of my cool water, I strangely felt all the feeling I used to feel as kid. The feeling of helplessness, the feeling of not knowing what would happen to my life in the future. The feeling of wanting this moment to last so I don't have to face tomorrow. 
At this point I really don't know where my life is heading. I don't know if any of my desicion would cost me. I always told my self that everything happens for a reason, even the bad times, In the last two years I've been facing an awful lot of them, good or bad. I believe what I'm experiencing is one of many of God's way to nurture me to be better and better, and hopefuly, the best version of my self. I'm writing this now, so I have a reminder to look back when the bad moments had passed. For when I have my good times, I can look back and tell my self that I deserve the happiness I feel, and the blessings I get. Bad times are momentary, but strong soul last for eternity.


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