Taking Up A Notch // Lancome Advance Genifique

Back at it again with a very luxurious skincare I have up to the date, the latest serum I use daily to keep my skin as young as possible, it's Lancome Advance Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate. Oh and by the way, I'm writing in english again because I think this product is available worldwide so this review would be beneficial for a lot of people. 

I think I fell in love with the brand when I found an American blogger based in France named Hailey became their official blogger for their website and I fell in love with the pretty pictures, almost poetic; innocent stories, and the perfect mood captured about my dream city, Paris. You can also check out their blog here to see what I'm talking about. And today, my ultimate A-Lister & Fashion Makeup Artist, Lisa Eldridge is Lancome's Global Creative Director, how can I not fall head over heels. What I love about the brand is the parisian elegance they have in all of their branding. An effortless feminine, strong but delicate. A perfect juxtaposition of my taste.

I've seen this product floating around here and there on my instagram following's page and I was intrigued to try it but the price tag kinda pulls me off. I'm not in the market for something this expensive yet. But Lancome Indonesia was kind enough to send one for me to try so, thank you very much! Something I can almost expect from high end skin care is the very luxurious smell they have. This Lancome Genifique Serum has a very light and airy, almost powdery rose scent to it which I enjoy very much each time I swipe it on my skin. This is the kind of product that gives you a calming effect solely from the scent alone. Something you want to splurge and feel nice about yourself.

Comes with a dropper with perfect amount of usage and easy portioning, I need one pump for my face and another half a pump for my neck. I like to use my middle and ring finger on both of my hand to spread the product evenly and so it doesn't get absorbed to my big palms. The texture is quite runny and almost watery, it sinks nicely to my skin. I like to use it as second layer after my acid toner and let it settle into my skin before continuing my skin care regime. I found out on my fifth day that this serum makes my skin looks glowing, it also makes my skin feels smooth and prep it to absorbs layers of moisture following the serum.

Something to note, my skin was not at its best condition a while back, it produce a dead skin layer almost everyday and that's affecting the result of the serum. It couldn't help with my skin texture, alongside my other skincare that also did nothing to help with my excess dead skin. But after my skin has gone back to its normal state, this serum feels so wonderful on my skin. I notice that my skin texture is smoother to look and to touch, my overall complexion also looks very much more even and bright. I love this so much, I can't skip it everytime I do my skincare routine! And I'm proud to say I'm happy with my skin just as is, I even only use light dusting of powder to go out and I feel so good when looking at the mirror. My makeup also glides on much more smoothly and sits on my skin much better.

I think this product is worth the splurge for anyone looking for youthful glowing skin and the luxurious feel it gives everytime in use. I love this so much, I think of next skincare session after I use it cause I'm addicted to how this product make my skin feel and look more lovely after each use.

Advance Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate - Rp 1.250.000,-

Available at:
Sephora & Lancome Official Counter


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