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Told you I'm going to be more productive, wasn't I? So I've been testing out new face product these past week, 'cause you know I have to regularly rotate my foundation for optimum result. The latest on my vanity is Ultima II Wonderwear Stay Last Liquid Makeup. I've known the brand for soo long, because there's time when my mom only use Ultima II for her makeup and skincare. I used to use their collagen serum and that's really the beginning of my love of skincare. Well, I guess that's a completely other story. Let's start this review.

My concern about foundation in general is that I have such big pores, every foundation just decide to nestle in there and make a nice pattern of dots on my nose and cheeks area. This could easily be settled by a nice silicon primer to smooth out my pores and make the foundation appears smoother. So to be fair, I use some before any of my foundation because I have insecurities to deal with, okay.


Now, I don't have any expectation before trying this foundation, my first impression is that there's not enough yellow on the color selection, most of them are more towards neutral or pink base. I have 2 colors, Ochre & Buff, which looks like the most yellow base they have, but Ochre is way too light and Buff is way too dark, so I just mix 'em together. But  even after mixing, it's still looks a bit pink-ish on me, but not that noticeable. I don't see any SPF written on the packaging but I find that this foundation has a strong flashback, so I suggest to wear this on day events. 

The formula, however, is very nice. They are liquidy but not runny, so they have a nice viscosity for a foundation. They have Dimethicone in it to help the foundation smooths better on the skin and I really can tell by how easily I can blend the foundation on to my skin and it doesn't feel slippery like anything with silicon usually has. They apparently have Malva Sylvestris (Mallow Extract), Lactobacillus, & Eriodiction Californicum Ferment Extract to help comfort on skin and Sodium Hyluronate to help skin retain moisture. I should say, it really does feel light and it's that kind of product to just set it and forget it. Most of the time, I barely even remember I have any on because it feels just like my skin.

Freshly applied. You can click the picture to see the details, I upload a huge one for you to really see how it sits on my skin.

I also really like how a thin layer can easily gives me a medium coverage and I just add more on the areas I need, like under my eyes and around my nose. The finish is demi matte, so you can still see some sheen on my skin. They set pretty nicely so I just need to set under my eyes and T-Zone lightly with some loose powder.

And now here comes the part where I just fall in love, as I said before, I have no expectation on this foundation and truthfully, I knew nothing about this product at all. So I just casually do some check in through out the day and how can I tell you how amazing this foundation is. On regular days, around 3 hours my T-Zone would start to look oily, but when I used this foundation, it looks just as I just put it on. And it is looking as fresh even after 5 hours. On the 7th hour mark my oil just barely starts to seep through on my T-Zone and the side of my nose finally looking oily. On the first day of trying this out, I took a shower, washed my hair too, and the foundation didn't even budge! I took a tissue to see if any of it comes off, and nothing on my tissue, just water. Can you believe that? Me, my self don't even brave enough to hope for any foundation to do this. I'm all blown away.

After 7 hours. I did no touch up whatsoever. You can see a very mild creasing happening on my smile line but really, usually it's a very pronounced crack. You can pretty much see everything stays in place very well. Go on and click the photo to see it all. Don't mind the eyeliner, I was using a false lashes initially but I had taken it off.

To be honest, I don't really like it on the first time I put it on because of the shortage of yellow pigment in there, but after the wear test I just can't even give this away. I will find a way to make the color match me better because the formula is just that great. It adheres to my skin very well, the best way to break it down is using oil cleanser. What I still can't understand is how this foundation could be long lasting, waterproof, & fade proof without feeling dry, tight, or uncomfortable, heck, it doesn't  even feel I'm wearing any!

Using Ultima II Wonderwear Stay Last Liquid Makeup and playing with colors with Ultima II Eyesexxxy Longwearing Eyeliner in Wonder White on the inner corner and Wonder Emerald on the top lash line for a neutral yet different kinda look. I really love the Wonder Emerald because the green is so deep and it looks fancy. They glide on smoothly over my lids and stay pretty much the whole day.

I'm feeling this foundation would be a new addition for my makeup kit because y'all know MUAs be doing makeup at dawn and the makeup should last until midnight. Definitely recommend this foundation for my oily combination skin girls out there, if you could find the perfect color for you, just snatch it, you don't even need to think, just snatch. I mean, the price is very reasonable and affordable for this kind of quality. I really hope you would try it and give me your thought cause I love to know if my recommendation works for you.


Wonderwear Stay Last Liquid Makeup - Rp 215.000,-
Eyesexxxy Longwearing Eyeliner - Rp 170.000,-


  1. Hi Vina, this foundie looks good on you, make your skin better and cover the pores.
    a thing I wanna ask is, does this foundie oxydize? Im interested to try :D


    1. Ngga oxydyze koo, dia tahan banget seharian gak ada perubahann

  2. vani mukanya bening bangeeeeettt <3 cadas juga bisa dipake buat mandi o__o tertarik tapi pilihan warnanya ngeseliiinn huhu

    1. Ah ini efek foundinya ajaahh Hahaha iya makanya gak nyangka gue juga tahan banget dese dibawa mandii. Betuull PRnya cuma warnanya aja, sisanya cuco markoco


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