Low Season

Life and business has been so slow this month. I remember on my office days, there were also high and low season in terms of jobs to do. There are times where I didn't even remember to drink because there were just so much stuff to do, but then, there are also times where I finally do my work because I was done with online browsing and doing nothing. And now, here I am, fourth month in freelance work and I feel bored. I'm bored more so I kinda lost my passion to do things, not really into doing anything and I hate my self for being so.

I know I have a lot of things to do to improve my self and my work but I just don't feel like it. I spent a good amount of time to just binge watch youtube all day, every day. I kinda feel bored watching beauty videos like they get repetitive because big youtubers basically received the same thing, I prefer more vlog style videos of people that do youtube on the side because I feel like they have so much more interesting things to tell.

It seems like every week I found a new channel that I'm obsessed with and I want to share it here. I will start from more recent findings.


I found out her channel on a recommendation list when I watched a DIY channel. It was a vlog where she moved in to her dorm room and I liked the thumbnail so I watched it. Turns out she is an art school student and I feel kinda related to what she does because I went to art school, too, if you guys don't know. I have a bachelor of art title behind my name. So, her homework and all the art stuff she's doing takes me back to all my university year where I would be up until 4 in the morning to draw, bending wire, smoothing out clay, etc. And what I love the most about her is that she looks very normal, I'm very bored watching youtuber with their (what appears to be a very) glamorous life. I just don't get the connectivity I'm having before. The funny thing is, she's been uploading to youtube since 4 years ago, but I only love the vlogs since she started college. I feel like she's being her self more. The videos before she looked wayy older than she really is.

Learn French With Alexa

I got very bored and decided to find videos about learning french because I've tried Duolingo and they just teach words not an actual sentences. I found this channel and Alexa is just the best teacher I could ask for! Following her tutorial feels like she's just there right in front of me. She also make little quiz at the end of every video so I can remember better. Her pronounciation are also slow enough for me to follow and understand. A few other videos I watched just talk very fast and very minimal on explaining the use of words or pronounciation. So I recommend this channel so much if you also like to learn French. Oh, and since I have rhotacism, I can pronounce the French R so well. Mehehe. 


My all time favourite youtube personality, Estee Lalonde, mention this channel on one of her Japan Haul video and I'm hooked. This channel explain a lot of things we often heard about Japan very nice and thorough so I feel like I'm learning something new in a fun way. They also always explain the history very well and I like that. I like history. I also love to see the craftmanship, the passion and thoughts of Japanese when it comes to inventing and creating much more comfortable life. This is a very great starting point if you want to know about Japan and learn their lifestyle and heritage.

Jelian Mercado

Also found her in a recommendation list, the first video that caught my attention was "Day in a life of a teen mom in school". I was always curious about the life of people who got pregnant by accident and how they continue living their life, as in our culture it's such an embarassing thing to say and this girl just comfortably share her story. I thought it was brave and so nice of her to let people know that life doesn't stop when you screw up. Another thing I love is her positivity, it's not the fake positivity I see around lately in the youtube-sphere, but like, she's chill. And Mateo, her baby, is sooo cute, I can't. She usualy just stay at home to watch Mateo and her little sister, numerous trip to Target (her favorite place), and sometimes to mall. Her life is like mine, so I love her. Hahaha. She just started to live with her boyfriend (who got her pregnant). It's fun seeing them start a new life and I just can't wait to start mine.

I also been thinking about doing some DIY project, using physical object like really using paper, glue, scissors, cutter, and all that kind of stuff, to spark the creativity in me again. If you have ideas orfuseful DIY to do, please tell me. In the meantime, I'll try my best to be productive again.


  1. Tahun lalu aku nganggur 1 tahun. Boring minta ampun plus uang tabungan habis. Ada beberapa kerjaan freelance, tp ga banyak. FYI, aku tinggal sendiri, jadi kebayang gmn stress nya bahkan smp makan sehari cuma sekali. Tp emang ada waktunya kayak kita disuruh 'istirahat' dulu sebelum memulai lg sesuatu yg lebih seru. Emang kita maunya terus productive, tp semakin dipaksa malah ga dapet inspirasi mau ngapain.

    1. Setuju banget sama kalimat terakhir. Gue juga kaya ada feelingnya gitu kalo emang sesuatu bukan lagi jadi waktunya gue, dipaksain juga kaya gak nolong dan adanya malah bikin stress.


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