My Favourite Movies of All Time

I love movies, especially the western one because I don't have any real connection with the situation and people, thus it makes them feel more real to me. I also love how they execute the idea from a story into a visual realm for me to dive into. My most favourite genre is romance of course, action,  & self actualization with a touch of comedy. Preferably with twisted ending. So if you have the same preference as me, I guess you would like these, or maybe it's one of your favourites as well.

Perfume: The Story of A Murderer

Great story line with pretty cinematography. I love the renaissance era, the way the story being told, pretty clothes, pretty building, & a lot of flowers. Watching it gives me some ease. I usually watch this when I'm feeling lost and fragile because the story is about this guy who knows what he wants in life. Eventhough he isn't blessed with the best circumstances, he always try to achieve his dream no matter what. And a surprise relieving ending for the main character, but not to me as an audience. Reading the title wouldn't really match to what I tell you, but you have to watch it yourself to know what I meant. 

500 Days Of Summer

Who doesn't love this movie. The way Zoey being Summer is very alluring. A girl with a happy go lucky attitude that's just enjoying her life. She doesn't really think about the future, she's just living for now and enjoying her self. I love this movie because it reminds me to think about what I want and not dwelling into the what ifs.

Fight Club

It's dark, it's careless, it's something you don't think exist in this world. Being told in a very nice first person side of a story, I could never guess the ending. This is actually the first movie that I ever watch to blow my mind at the ending, so I could never forget the feeling. I love this movie not only because of the fact that the movie is so good but also to relive the first time I'm having my mind blown.

Pretty Woman

A simple too good to be true story. I love to watch the way they fall in love to each other slowly but surely. Nothing harsh, nothing forced, it all just fall into place ever so nicely. What started as a bored business man looking for short companionship turns into a genuine love. And I really love how Edwards is such a gentleman. He treats Vivian so nice and respectful. Maybe I just in my heart silently craving to be treated the same way.

The Last Holiday

This might not be a movie everyone has heard about. I found this movie on the era of DVD. I was offered by the seller and I thought why not, I love holiday themed movie. I fell in love with this movie right away. The calm and lonely life of a retail worker, found out she has tumor and then she spend all of her life savings to enjoy life in the fancy hotel on a snowy mountain. Buying nice clothes, try every chef's special menu, trying every sports, and just enjoying life. This is my feel good movie.


The Skin I Live in

A Spanish movie starring Antonio Banderas as the lead role, actually he is the only actor I recognized from this whole movie. I first watched this on a class at uni. We were actually watching this movie for a lecture. I really like the unpredictable story line, I can't even guess where it was heading but the movie is great nontheless. I love movies like this because I can get drown in the story and forgeting real life for a moment. I watched it once on that class, I'm afraid to watch it again because I don't want to destroy the fond memory I have with this movie. It is another one of those twisted ending movies I talked about earlier. 

Old Boy

I warn you, this is not for the faint of heart. There's a bit of 18+ scenes here and there, but that's not the worst part of it. If you want to feel a mist of horror in your life for a week after watching a movie then this one is for you. I can feel the made up story but I enjoyed watching it still. I can never forget this movie for the lingering feeling of uneasiness it left me with.

Donnie Darko

Don't get fooled with the scary rabbit, the movie is actually light and enjoyable. I love watching young Jake Gyllenhal being nerd and cute, I can imagine if I knew him back then when I was a disoriented teenager I would have a very huge crush on him. Well, dark part of the movie is only the time traveling part where I have to google some information to understand it. The rest are like any other teenage movie where there are sweet young love romance with a twisted ending.

And there you go, my favourite movies of all time. I guess I have quite a broad spectrum of genre I like, from sweet and lovey dovey into dark and twisted. I hope you can find a good new movie to watch and maybe we have the same taste? Please leave me suggestion below if you got any!


  1. Wah, kalo baca sedikit sinopsis Parfume diatas, mungkin gw bakal mikir itu semacem film yg bisa memotivasi. lol. Gw suka Pretty Woman juga!! Film klasik yang masih betah gw nontonin setelah beberapa kali nonton. Dan bikin gw clbk sama Mr. Gere. Kyaaa~

    1. Hahaha abis dia bunuh ya bukan yg kejam gitu sih sari, pembunuhannya serasa kaya bumbu penyedap aja bukan poin utamaa. Iyaa walaupun udah apal ceritanya tapi tetep aja seneng nontonnyaa

  2. wah aku penasaran sama The Last Holiday :D *langsung cuss nonton

  3. perfume emang bagus banget hhh gilak. suka abis. oldboy sama donnie darko juga kece tapi filmnya jake gyllenhaal paling berkesan ya source code. ga tau kenapa. sayang banget gue sama dia di film itu huhu

    hmm kalo gue fave movienya
    1. arrival
    2. kill bill
    3. up
    4. captain america: the winter soldier
    5. the way home (film korea)

    honorary mention: maid in manhattan, the dark knight, canola (film korea)

    1. Source code udah nonton tapi gue gemesss nontonnya deg-degan jadi gak kepengen nonton lagi hahahah

      arrival belom nonton tapi semua bilang bagus. Ini yang film korea gue jadi penasaran nih, ntar kalo iseng film bule main-main ah ke pilm korea haha

  4. To die by yourside is such a heavenly way to die ~

    500 days of Summer ini favoritku (dan mantan). Just because we love Morrissey so much ahahahhaa Jadi kita suka bingung, ini suka krn filmnya, karena Zooey & Joseph-nya atau karena Morrisseynya

    1. Suka sama pemaennya juga sama lagunya, jadi makin bahagia dh pas nontonnya :D

  5. Perfume aku baca bukunya #nerd 😆 Filmnya nggak nonton karena nggak dapet kopiannya #eh 😂

    Fight club jaman dulu pas masih emo suka tapi sekarang kok terasa too violent #mendadaktua 😆 Padahal dulu juga jadi tugas kuliah tapi kok ya nggak terasa memorable banget kalo diinget2 lagi 😅

    Donnie Darko dari jaman kapan auk mau nonton ga dapet juga kopiannya 😑

    Film favoritku P.S. I Love You. Cheesy yaa? Tapi kalo nonton itu bisa mewek banget smp bengkak 😆

    Kalo yg all time favorite... Drumroll please... The Avengers 😆😆😆 Nggak pernah bosen, entahlah. Padahal aku juga nggak koleksi action figure ato ngefans sm superhero nya tapi suka banget nontonnya khusyuk 😂

    1. Perfume aku gatauu ada bukunyaa, tapi udah bahagia sama filmnya kayanya tuh udah perfekto banget hahaha

      Ps i love you kemaren nontoonn, tapi kayanya lagi ga pas sama mood hati, ngerasa aneh liat Gerard Butler ngomong ala irish gitu jadi keburu ilfeel padahal mah doi tuh idaman banget sedari jaman sma, paling suka liat dia di the ugly truth, galak tapi perhatian gitu bikin gemets :3

      The avengers menghibur banget sih soalnya, masalahnya serius tapi merekanya becanda2 gitu haha

    2. Kalo nonton film romantis kudu khusyuk Van, biar meweknya lega 😆 #uopo

      Nggak tau nih, ngerasa dekat di hati tuh Avengers 😂 Apa karena sering jadi meme 9gag yak? Hmm...

  6. 500 Days of Summer obsessed banget! Udah berkali-kali nonton itu tapi kok gak bosen ya. Mungkin karena Zooey deschanel sama Joseph gordon pas banget jadi pasangan di sana. Super iconic! Jadi sedih pas tau summer bukan nikahnya sama Tom..

    Btw, salam kenal ya kak Vani :D

  7. My must watch :

    1. Three Idiots (pilem india)
    2. Shutter (pilem horor thailand)
    3. I am Sam
    4. Guardian of galaxy
    5. Any zhang yi mou movie


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