After Vacation Skin Polishing

In my case it's not a vacation, it's a job that felt more like vacation. I'm taking in to the consideraton about the people I worked with, the views along the way, and all the new experience I've never felt before. As some of you who follow me on my instagram would already know that I just got back from a two weeks trip to Papua.  I've shot some vlog bits on my time there, I hope I can edit and upload it soon so you can have a glimpse of what I'm doing. Meanwhile for now, I have uneven tanned skin and bits of sunburn here and there to take care of.

Being told to light travel for 2 weeks time didn't give me enough room to squeeze in a lot of my beauty product to go with me. I just brought the essentials and using a hydrating sleep mask as my night cream and a quick prayer to keep my skin in a good condition. After I got home, the first thing I wanted to do is to remove the dead skin on my face and a peel off mask to suck up my whiteheads out of my pores.

I got home and find a package filled with things I wish to received before my departure so I can bring one of the product with me. The products are Mustika Ratu Face Peeling Gel & Mustika Ratu Peel Off Mask both in Lemon variant.

I quickly got the Mustika Ratu Face Peeling Gel to be used immediately after I wash my face. I squeezed a good amount of milky white gel with speckles of yellow and orange scrub on to my hand and massaged it on to my face. It smelled like a freshly squeezed lemon, not too strong but enough to enjoy. The speckles mealt of with the rubbing motion of my hands and the formula spread out evenly. In the matter of seconds those light feel gel turned into flakes of dead skin. I massaged for a good 3 minutes until everything fell down and nothing flakes off of my skin anymore. I then rinsed my face with water until all the residue is gone. I really love how my face is feeling extra smooth and soft even only on the first time I used it. I also used it on my boyfriend because we were on the work trip together and I can see under the bright, hot sun while we were there that his skin was in some need of quick scrub. It does the job very nice on peeling off his dead skin and his skin looks and feels softer. 

After feeling clean on the top portion of my skin, I continue to use Mustika Ratu Peel Off Mask to take all the gunk out. I slathered a hefty amount of gel because from my experience with peel off masks, the thicker the better. I waited for around 10 - 15 minutes until the mask was fully dry. I noticed that the mask was a bit thinner when dry, it also didn't get tight enough like I like a peel off mask to feel. The mask was pretty easy to take off and it got a bit of white heads here and there but not quite satisfying for me. It got my skin very soft and brightened, though. So I mostly use it again for the skin benefits, not for pulling out white heads. Also, it doesn't say as a pore pack kind of mask, so it works for what it claimed for. The only thing I wish they could improve is to tighten up the mask when it dries.

After using it a few times now, I can say that these masks are very soft and gentle. Using it on my sensitif skin after working for two weeks under the sun, I don't get any irritation. In fact, my skin gets very soft and smooth. I wish the package come early so I can bring the Mustika Ratu Face Peeling Gel with me because it is a very efficient way to remove my dead skin while also moisturize my face. My only complain would be the design of their packaging. the color combination looks a bit dull.

Overall, you could already tell that I love the peeling gel better, but if you have sensitive skin, go try the peel off mask because they work well, too.

Face Peeling Gel - Rp 30.000,-
Peel Off Mask - Rp 30.000,-

Buy yours at Sociolla and use code SBNLALZO for IDR 50.000 discount with minimum IDR 250.000 purchase


  1. i'm soo curious about the peel off mask, will definitely try them out after i finish all my masks haha

  2. Heard about this peeling gel & peel of mask before, temenku suka banget sama maskernya, katanya emang keliatan langsung hasilnya. Pengen coba tapi masker udah numpung banget banyak yang belom dipake ^^;

    1. Hahahaha, cobain aja yang punya temen duluu :P

  3. wah vani kebetulan! kemaren liat di giant mau beli tapi peeling mundisarinya masih ada. jadi mundur dulu XD peeling gelnya tampak tokcer van. aku mau coba ah *-*


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