2017 Resolution

I know it might be too late to talk about resolution but I'm always the late one to the party, so yeah. I have a lot of realization not at the end of the year, but at the end of my daily routine for the past 3 years. Yes, I finally resigned from my work place after all those knowledgable years. I've learned a lot about work, about friendship, about profesionalism, I've learned so much about life in general. This work place has given me chance to learn about responsibilities in a very interesting way. Everyone is so nice, it feels more like a home than an office. The hardest thing must be the financial instability, I'm very concern about wether I would get a sufficient income or not. But life must go on and I'm more than ready to face the next challenges life has to offer.

These realization mostly happen on my way to and from work on the last days of my regular commute to the place. This ideas just pop out and I feel like I just didn't pay enough attention to these things, while truthfully they've been here all along.

Embracing mistakes
I'm a very uptight person, I'm that type A that always pulling the rope too tight. I get anxious just by thinking about failure and this keeps me from doing anything because I'm afraid to make mistakes. But then I suddenly realize to just embrace the wrong things I'm making, as long as my intention is for the good thing. Looking back, I must always done one thing wrong to finally make it right. So, rather than avoiding the mistakes, I should go for it since it helps me to create the right one.

To start now, not later
In line with the first goal, I always think to reach my goal "later" in life. But the again, I've been thinking about that since Junior High School. So when was the "later" I'm reffering to? It is now. Now is the perfect time, there's no later. I want to feed my creative mind with creating and feel the joy of being productive on reaching my own dreams. One step closer at a time.

Taking it easy
Being that uptight of a person, I take things way too seriously than it needs. I want to be cool and friendly, to enjoy the moment. Not always getting anxious about the smallest things. I realized that being happy and reckless is so much fun. It's easier to laugh than to be upset.

Living the life to share
The social media #goals are really getting in to me. This means I create an online image of what I want to be perceived as, but I'm not living the dream. My goal would be to make my life goals real, to live the way I wanted so I can share what I have. To make this goals reality rather than a built up image. Yang kalo kata orang mah, pencitraan belaka.

So, what's the next step? As of now I'm planning on making more youtube videos and really polish my skills as a makeup artist. Kindly follow my instagram @vs_makeupstudio as my platform to share my results on people. Also, I'm handling @alexopictures together with my boyfriend, we're focusing on wedding needs such as pre-wedding session, engagement & wedding day documentation, family portrait, we also give service for fashion like lookbook, catalogue, campaign, behind the scene, fashion show documentation, and anything you can think of related to photos and videos. We also make video tutorials & reviews for youtube content. Basically anything you need to make photos or videos, we can provide. But for our branding we are targeting on wedding and the likes.

I'm afraid and at the same time thrilled for what life can bring! :D

All photos taken by my favourite photographer Adryantoro.


  1. sukses terus van! perjalanan dimulai dengan keluar dari zona nyaman. baik-buruk hasilnya, pasti barokah. jangan pernah berhenti belajar ya van :) imo harus percaya sama diri sendiri. tapi juga ragu sama diri sendiri. all in good portion aja. jiayou!

    1. Thank you so much for the mental support, Tan! Iya betul, harus yakin tapi juga harus belajar terus buat bisa terus berkembang. :*


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