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I'm gonna write in english in this post because I've been watching Casey Neistat's vlogs non-stop, plus, no body really read my OOTD posts anyway. So here we go.

On my lips: Colourpop Lippie Stix - Creature

It's pouring rain outside and the first thing that came to my mind is, "I'm gonna be productive today", even though the rain started at 3 P.M.. Anybody here watch Casey's vlogs? I knew him from my sister and I've been hooked ever since. He is such a cool guy with small happy family and I find joy from watching him. I feel inspired for how he manage to keep vlogging while doing his job. Please watch and see how his vlog is very well thought out, framing and editing wise. 

Back to my life, I'm currently just done editing for this post and I'm thinking to finish some writings, but we'll see. There's something about the weather when it's raining and dark outside. Being inside my room with AC on full blast instantly put me to ease from all the stress I've been having lately. Not a big deal though, it is actually a small problem that I manage to over think in the last couple of months. 

I'm having a new job that requires strategical plan and execution, all while learning about the job it self. I'll figure things out, eventually. I'm happy I have been given a new opportunity in life to keep learning and expanding through my ability. I remember through school and university I always question every homeworks and tasks we were given, there's no meaning to it other than to have a good grade and to have a pass to the next level. Only after I started working my brain clicked to the idea of giving your best to reach what you want. Pushing boundaries to reach even higher. I like working better than schooling. In school you pay to learn, but when working, you get paid to learn. I know without education I might not be able to get any job, so education is also important in this topic.

I'll be 25 this month but I'm having the quarter life crisis a year early. One thing I learn from having the crisis is that everything happen for a reason. I'm questioning things I have not get my hands on but I'm guessing it's for the best. It's a sign that tells me that I must work harder, I have to use my brain even better. If I have got everything right now, I'll be taking it for granted. 

Back to Casey, the last vlog I watch is when he make a video about snowboarding in NYC, literally on the road. On his vlog he said that, the day before the video was just an idea with a bunch of ifs. Two days after the idea, the video went viral up until 12 mio views on youtube and facebook. This make me realize that no idea is stupid. Every idea is worth of trial and effort to make it happen. If it's fail, I got new things to learn and if its a success, I got achievement. Nothing to lose. Another thing to add as my new year resolution is to never be afraid to try.

Long Blazer // H&M
Polkadot Shirt // The Executive
Pants // Self made
Shoes // Payless


  1. So many thoughtful opinion in ootd posts but i keep reading it van (fyi)! Very inspired 👌

  2. semua orang jadi ngefans sama casey neistat ya. videonya bagus2 sih emang *-* selamat atas kerjaan barunya van. lancar selaluuu! jangan ragu numpahin apa yang lagi dipikirin di blog van. honesty is always appreciated <3

    1. Iyaa niat banget dia bikin videonya! Thank youu, Tan. Kalo lagi galau terus ga ada yg bisa diajak curhat pasti larinya ek blog haha

  3. Quarter life crisis! Oh My God! Setaonan ini gw juga ngalamin krisis ini berkepanjangan dan belom kelar juga. :')

    1. Makan pikiran banget kan sari?!? Kita udah tua ya bisa setres :")

  4. Si Casey teh saha nyak? XD I feel so left behind everytime I heard a nu name mentioned T.T

    Anyway, congratz on your new job ya Van! Semoga jodoh sama kerjaan barunya :)

    1. Dia vlogger gitu, Nin. Kalo bikin vlog kece baday, niat abis dan hasilnya bagus. Terus orang kewl banget jadi bikin makin seru nontonnya. Aku juga baru tau kaya 2 minggu yang lalu, hahaha.

      Amin aminnn, thank you Nindyy :*

  5. Hai Mbak
    Saya gak ikutin vlog Casey Neystat, tapi pernah nonton video nya yang naik pesawat yg diupgrade ke first class klo gak salah, trus sampai bisa mandi di pesawat O M Geee ketje badai tingkat dewa

    1. Banggeettt parraahhh, gila itu bikin ngiler banget hahahha cuman gila sih dia hampir tiap hari naek pesawat mulu, aku nontonnya mabok sendiri padahal ga ikutan naek tapi ikutan maboknya


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