December 2014 Haul!!

Just as I post this up, a wind breeze brush my hair and calmly whisper, "You said you won't buy makeup again~~". Well I didn't meant to! Who told Luxola to have a 40% discount all over the web?! I can't see price that low lah, I felt cornered and they just put a gun with a sale tag as the bullet. I SURRENDER!

And now that I gave you my reason I feel much more content to show my haul last month. Hehehehe :D

Real techniques Stippling Brush
Armando Caruso Eyeshadow Brush
G-Unit Eyebrow Razor
Beauty Blender Pro

Bourjois CC Eye Cream
Etude Pink Wish Tree Cushion 

Etude house Oh M'eye Line Eyeliner
NYX Eyebrow Powder
Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara

Forgot that I've already put the Etude cushion on my Early Christmas Haul, so there it is. Everything except Armando Caruso, Etude House, & G-unit was bought at the Luxola Sale. The most interesting stuff for me to finally put my hand on is the Original Beauty Blender!! I never want to buy it on full price because it's so damn pricey I don't want to spend that much! But luckily I get this when there's discount so I bought it for like IDR 130.000 each, such a bargain!! Not yet to try it though, I'm still waiting for the right moment. *o*

White Calculator
Dior & Chanel Perfume Phone Case

These are not a beauty product but they are very beautiful I love 'em so muuucchhhh!! First that white calculator, very chic. And then the perfume cases for my beloved Samsung! So hard to find shapes like that for big phone like mine but lucky I got it at @paroparocase on instagram. I bought it there, so if there's any of you who wants the same you can purchase it right away. And it's very cheap too!



  1. The calculator indeed is very chic kyaaaa. where do you get it?

    1. Beli di toko Tick Tock di Plaza Indonesia, deketnya tempat makanan ^^

  2. Kalkulatornya epic, Van! XD

    Anyway, itu kuas Armando Caruso fluffy banget apa tipis?

    1. Iya keren yaa! XD

      Fluffy nin! Enak dipakenya juga! Mirip masami shouko blending brush cuma tebelan inii

  3. I know it's very difficult to resist discounts, buy you buy so many good things heheh.
    Have a really nice day!

    1. I know right! Discounts are killing me. hahaha.


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