Pixy Eyeshadow in Sorrel Brown & Bronze Delight

Merry Christmas everybody! Missing the last 2 days of #BLOGMAS because I simply ran out of ideas and energy. haha. Where did you spent your Christmas? I was making some caramel popcorn and then went out to Central Park Mal to watch fireworks. I almost forgot the reason I rarely go to mal on day offs or holiday until I have to spent an hour to just get out of the mal. Belom lagi sikut-sikutannya sama abang-abang pas lagi rebutan jalan masuk ke mol abis nonton kembang apinya di taman. Udah pake baju cantik, pake rok bunga-bunga biar manis, eh premannya keluar lagi. #nasib

So after another 2 days of lazying I finally get back to the mood! And today I'm gonna do a review of Eyeshadows from Pixy. I feel like I'm kinda late to jump into the Pixy bandwagon since they're actually quite a big brand but I just don't feel like it. I guess better late than never, aight?
They come in a tranparent container with pink foil on top as garnish. The pink is quite okay, not a big fan of the color though. They also got an applicator with longer handle. I love that it doesn't have a dual ended sponge because it's such a hassle when both ends are dirty. I will most likely end up with fingers covered in eyeshadow if such thing happen. Plus one to Pixy to help me avoid that tragedy.

They have 2 colors on each series and I believe they have around 6 color combination to choose from. I just pick out the ones with neutral color so I can wear it more often. One thing I notice with their shadows is that the lighter colors are more frosty-shimmery finish and the darker colors are more into matte side, although there are some subtle glitter chunks were scatered here and there. 

Pigmentation & Texture:
As for the pigmentation, they are okay. They show up quite well as you can see in the swatches, but the texture is a bit hard and it needs a few swipe to get the full opacity. I notice it blends away better when applied using fingers, which is a way I don't prefer when I'm applying my eyeshadow. When I use brush to apply, it's kinda hard to get a nice opaque and blended color as it likes to go patchy. It can get nice eventually with a lot of patience and effort. Again, not something I prefer for my daily makeup, I need something quick!

It lasts maybe for about 4-5 hours on its own before it starts to fade. By the end of the day I usually left with uneven and creasing eyeshadows. Nothing new for daily use local makeup, I can easily use my MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot to make it lasts longer and stay on better.

Bronzed Delight:
A set of neutral that goes into more of a pink undertone. The light beige is very neutral and a very nice all over lid color and the deep maroonish chocolate is nice for an everyday play with color kinda day since it looks more like a deep purple on my yellow skin. I'm sorry, it didn't actually look that purple in real life but I'm too lazy to edit it to the right color. XD

Sorrel Brown:
A very warm everyday neutral color. The light shimmery peach is pretty on its own but not my favourite to put on my eyes, while the deep taupe-ish brown looks so perfect as my everyday definer color. *I accidentally upload the biggest pict I have on the Sorrel Brown eye look, if you click the picture you can see everything. My foundation-covered lower lashes, my stray brow hair, the eyelash glue, EVERYTHING!

As for the color, I just wish they have the light shimmery beige color from the Bronze Delight with the dark color from Sorrel Brown, I will definitely wear that combo out like nothing else.

Overall, it's an okay eyeshadow for me. Nothing over the top and something that would get replaced easily if I found something slightly better. The only thing I really like is how they only have 2 colors on them, which means I don't have to think about which color to use since they only have colors, like, two. And it's very compact so I can bring it easily on my makeup pouch.

You can find this product almost anywhere, they really well distributed which is also a thing I like because I don't have to hunt them around. I bought mine at Hypermart Puri Indah for IDR 31.000. Pretty affordable, huh?

Have you ever tried this Pixy Eyeshadows? Do you like it?


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  1. Aku juga punya yang Romantic Poem 01, btw jadi tersugesti buat ngeklik fotonya, trus di zoom in zoom out lol...

    1. Hahahaha.. sama! gue juga jadi melotoin itu bulu-bulu alis yg bertebaran hahaha

  2. mau nyobain ini takut gak keluar warna-nya dieyelidku yang berwarna.huhuhu

    anw aku baru follow kak vani baru sadar belum follow. maap maap.hihi


    1. Kalo pake base dulu mungkin lebih keliatan dien warnanyaa.. hihii..
      It's okay, thank you! XD

  3. Aiiish cakepnya ini, kyk warna esedo palet cewe2 di jepang


    1. iyah lumayan yah warnanya, cuma packagingnay esedo jepun lebih imuutt X)

  4. Replies
    1. iya nyata warnanya, tapi entah kenapa kurang nempel jadinya kurang memuaskan.. haha

  5. warna Sorel Brownnya bagus banget ya.. jadi pengen beli... ntah mengapa seneng banget sama warna2 begitu aku

  6. False eyelashesnya pake merk apa? Natural sekalii~~

    1. Hai anon! Eyelashnya pake yg beli lusinan di paasr baru sama dapet gratisan dari Kay Collection tapi udah serian lama kayanya, kotaknya udah sampe kuning, hahaha

  7. I tried the pink purple one! Forgot what it's called though
    The color is pretty but the pigmentation is not the best ya Van haha
    Btw, the sorrel brown looks so pretty on you :)
    Good review :)


    1. Iyap betul sekali! Okay aja gitchu hehe
      Maniiss dia warnanyaaa peach2 gituu hihii..

      Thank you val! :*


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