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I never thought I would love some vanilla scent on any product. Nivea Lip Butter Vanilla & Macadamia has changed my thought on that. My dislike for vanilla scent starts early. It was the vanilla syrup in green glass bottle that my mom really like and I was just overwhelmed by the smell. Then a couple of bad birthday cake with too much vanilla extract and cheap butter dig the hole deeper for it. I first saw this all around the net and I just put my heart into it. I love the warm color and how it placed in a tin is just lovely. 

The texture is quite stiff unlike The Body Shop lip balms which is very goo-ey and balmy(duh), this one feel like I'm rubbing a cold butter. Even after me trying to swirl my warm finger vigorously it still stays put. I thought I get nothing from all the hard work but the thin layer of balm on the tip of my finger is enough to make my lips feels so moisturized. I found out later that I just need a normal swirl to get the product. On the lips it feels thin but oddly very very moisturizing. I was amazed by that and the smell. THE SMELL. I can't. i just can't.. It smells so nice it reminds me of warm cookies I want to just eat it! I'm afraid I'm starting to like a vanilla scent after all the hate I gave it all this time. I just get a sudden realization why people loves a vanilla scent on a perfume. I always thought I would never like any thing with vanilla scent on it. But good Lord, I'd like to bathe my self in this kind of vanilla smells all year long! And the smell lingers for quite a while after application. So sometimes I could still sniff that warm and yummy goodness and get warm feeling over it again!

I just love this product so much and I would recommend this to anyone with chapped lips just like mine to give it a try and I'm sure you won't regret it! It does a very great job in moisturizing my lips while at the same time gave me warm fuzzy feeling I like to feel during december and most importantly, Christmas time! I'm so far from my perfect dream of Christmas but scents really helps to create such a nice atmosphere to imagining my self being where I wanted to be. I bought this when I was in Korea last year so I don't really know how much it costs. But I caught my self smiling while looking at this particular product since it reminds me of the cold windy night at Jeju Island, a week before celebrating Christmas on the Disneyland Japan. Memories are very well kept on happy moment like that. :)

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  1. ini kira-kira ada di Indonesia ngga ya?

    btw, I love reading your blog!

    1. Aww, thank you so much! XD

      Mungkin ada di bazaar-bazaar gitu kali yaaa, atau di toko barang import. hihi. Kalo gak coba ikut PO di female daily aja, Georgina. Gue udah sempet bikin tutorial pesennya juga disini kalo belom familiar --


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