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Feels like crap today, so I guess dolling up wouldn't hurt anyone! I was very keen to the idea of having a gold liner look for celebrating Christmas, but I don't have any gold liner or gold glitter to use, so I just create this very easy warm and shimmery eyelook for Christmas!

1. Start off with a clean eyes. I did put some foundation first. I use Wardah Everyday BB Cream in Light for this.

2. Fill up the eyebrows with some brow powder and set the stray hair with some brow gel for that natural look. I use Sariayu Eye Make-Up Kit & e.l.f Eyebrow Treat And Tame in Dark.

3. Apply an eye base to keep the shadow beautifully in tact all night for the party. I use my MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot for my base. 

4. Apply a shimmery white shadow to the inner corner. I'm using the shade Snow from Lorac Pro Palette 2.

5. Add some shimmery warm medium brown all over the lid. I use the shade Mocha from Lorac Pro Palette 2.

6. Define the crease with dark shimmery chocolate color to add the depth. I use the shade Cocoa from Lorac Pro Palette 2.

7. Add some of the deep color all the way down to the outer waterline to balance everything out.

8. Draw a nice liner as the base for our false lashes. I use Viva Queen Perfect Shape Liquid Eyeliner.

9. Curl the lashes and pop on some mascara all the way to the lower lashes, then apply a thick false lashes to further enhance the eyeshape. I'm using Duo Eyelash Glue to attach my full on eyelashes set. This glue is like the best!

As you can see I'm using all shimmer shadows for this look and it turns to be just the way I wanted to be warm yet festive! It's okay to break out some rules here and there, just remember to have fun with makeup. I'm sure you're all gonna rock this look like bitches! Tag me in when you do this look anywhere! Aand that's it for today and see in the next post!


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  1. Waaa~
    So beautiful


  2. vanii, viva eyelinernya bagus ga?

    1. Baguss sarii.. Agak glossy tapi tahan sehariaann.. Tar lagi juga gue mau nulis reviewmyaaa hihihi

  3. Rapih banget Van eye makeup nya. Bagus2 ya shade Lorac Pro 2. Shimmernya pas :D


    1. ihihii Thank you mitchhyyy.. Iya bagus ngegemesin semua shimmernya XD

  4. *keplok keplok* bagus :) van itu eyelashes pake brand apa?

    1. Eyelash ketengan yang beli di pasar gitu, tapi ini gue dobel2 ampe 3 lapis hahahaa XD


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