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Festive season wouldn't be complete without having a healthy shimmering shine on your face. I was lucky enough to get this Bobbi Brown Face Highlighter Pen from a Bobbi Brown event somewhere around december last year. Loving the very sleek and nice packaging this product has. It's in a clickable pen that easily dispense the product on a nice amount to use each application. Which also is a downside as I have worries that it will get pushed around by other things when I put it on my makeup bag and get messy everywhere.

It came out of the pen in a very shimmery pink with pearlize texture. When spread it turns into a very sheer layer of subtle shimmer with pink sheen that great to give a nice healthy glow on the highest point of my cheek. I guess this product would look great as an all over face highlighter since that pink will combine better and show up nicer as it will appear less pink. I have a very yellow undertone so the pink shows up stronger.

The size is quite big as you can see the diameter is slightly bigger than a regular brush handle. But it's not a minus thought. It just gives it more of a sturdy feel. I like to use it after my foundation and before my powder to make it blends more nice and evenly. Or sometimes I like to use it after a light dusting of powder just because the cream will still blends nicely with my base. I like the way it adds some sparkle into my face witout making it like a disco ball. Even on oily skin like mine it still looks so good. I also love to see it just for being itself. It looks glorious and luxurious since I rarely see other products alike. 

You can get this produt anywhere on the Bobbi Brown counter or order it online. Bought it for yourself or make a gift for your loved ones!

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  1. wauuu... suka banget sama ini benda..
    beli dari mana sis?
    price nya berapa?


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