[REVIEW} Sleek i-Divine Au Naturel Palette

Sleek craze has been up for long and I still could see some trace of trust people have for this brand. The combination of product quality with affordable price and their ultimately "sleek" packaging really brings up the whole brand image into a whole new level. I've been wanting to try it for so long but I thought I should at least hit pan on my other eyeshadows first, which by the way is quite a few. But I finally came to an understanding that all of my eyeshadow aren't meant to get hit pan on. They are meant to fulfill my curiosity and eagerness to feel their touch, to admire their color, and to put them nicely on my makeup graveyard, waiting to get touched again by a breath of life after so long. 

After I fully acknowledge that, I began my eyeshadow journey. Starting with this enchanting classic combination of earth tone in one palette by sleek called Sleek i-Divine Au Naturel Palette.

I love how they put some suggestion of the best way to use which color to. For beginners, full palette with so many look alike color could be intimidating about which color to use. Is it need to be worn all at once? Which combination do I need to use to create that enchanting mysteriously sexy smokey eyes? Well, Sleek has kindly guide you through some basic knowledge and steps. After trying a few time you can start to get comfortable to create your own signature look. Nice move, Sleek. Nice move..

A very well designed container with matte black base and shiny fonts make this palette looks more expensive than it truly is.

The name of each shade were placed on the thin plastic covering which is by the way, a pain in the ass. It's kinda hard to keep the damn flimsy plastic all the way til the shadows are gone. I'll lose it in no time and when I'm using it again, I wouldn't know which shade I use. Well, it actually is not that big of a deal, For any regular usage, these names wouldn't even be remembered.

They also came with a double ended sponge. I know a lot of people say it's useless, it's existence is pointless in there, but I personally like to have a nice applicator to touch up during the day or night time, when I'm out and about. Where I wouldn't be bringing any of my fine eyeshadow brushes with me, this came to the rescue. It also packs up color better than brush if you like to get the best color payoff from it. The long handle is also a big help to not messing around colors everywhere on my fingers.

It contains 12 colors. Ranging from pale white to black, it all still evolving around the same theme. When I see all these colors, it reminds me of autumn. I love yellow leafs, all those mustard and red velvet garments everywhere, it speaks one word, warmth. 

All the texture are soft and smooth when applied. It's not powdery and very easy to work with. As you can see, the top row colors are harder to show up on my skin, the lighter colors on a drugstore palette is always lacking of pigmentation. I need to literally scratch up the eyeshadow pan to get a better color to show up on my camera. At first I kinda hate it, but after playing with it for a while, I love all those sheer pigmentation it gives since they became a very great blending color for the bottom row colors. I need no telling you how greatly pigmented they are. I barely need any effort to make all these colors pop out. 

Being an au naturel girl my self, right out of the bat you could tell that Nougat, Nubuck, Cappucino, & Bark are my most favourite color to wear out of the bunch. I love Regal & Noir to deepen up my look and make it more mysterious. I love Conker & Mineral Earth to give some glam to my smokey eye so I look a tad bit more like a bad ass chick. Or, at least I wish.

Overall I think this is a very great palette with all those earth tone colors which can be used anytime of the day, wether it's about all natural or a deep and intense eye looks. You'll be using every color on this palette even when you think you might not use it. The only thing I kind of dissapointed in this palette is the fact that it creases almost right away after I use it. It gets very clear when I use the dark colors intensely all over my eyelid. But then I try to use it with some eyeshadow primer underneath, it stays put very well.

Sleek Cosmetics are not ready on the offline stores in Indonesia just yet (not that I know of). But you could buy it everywhere on the instagram/facebook's online shops. I got this for IDR 150.000 but with the raising of the exchange rate right now, I think it will be higher. But nonetheless, this product is a very nice starter palette for natural hippies out there who just starting to wear eyeshadows. 


  1. van, ini lebih banyak warna matte nya ketimbang shimmer nya ya? aarrgghh mau banget!

    1. iyes mel, shimmernya cuma 4, itupun alus-alus banget cantik kalo dipake di mata gak keliatan lebaaayyyy. Go get 'em, gurl!!


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