[REVIEW] MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot

Would you look at that beauty.... If I should pick only 5 items from all of my makeup stash, a dark neutral palette would be the first one to pick before eyeliner, highlighting concealer, powder foundation, and a nice neutral lipstick. The weird thing is I always wanted an eye primer, but I always go for the cheaper local ones, not the higher end. When the eye primer hype began, I wish I could buy the cult classic Urban Decay Primer Potion. But at the time I don't want to spend that much money for such a thing. I thought, it's not an important thing to spend that much money for something not core, like foundation, concealer & powder. But then I evolve and learned that my core thing is basically products to work around the eye area. So I want to spend bigger value on product to work around that. And this time, I spend it on the MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot.

I've watched enough beauty guru using gazilion brand of primer but the only guru that can really make me want to buy this baby so bad is NikkieTutorials. She continuously using this as her eyelid primer until she repurchased it again and again. Looking at her, a very talented young makeup artist who have channel to try billion product to love this so deeply, a person who has done many looks on many faces, loving a product that much. This shit must be damn gewd.

I must confess that this product is bigger than I thought, or bulky I should say. And the packaging is much less of an attractiveness, or in short, boring. But then again, they are made for the pro makeup artists, making the formulation as the key point rather that the packaging. For cuter packaging maybe I should wait until MAC launch their mini collections with this color in it. Usually the mini collection has better thought, packaging-wise, so it'll look more attractive.

It might seems hard and dry when you see into the untouched creme, but even on the first swipe they are very light weight and smooth to apply. I barely feel anything on my lid after I use it. With the flesh tone colour, it preps my eyelid and hide some naughty veins to really embrace any eyeshadow  I put on top.

With this underneath I could see it highly improve my eyeshadow performence. The colours show up much quicker but they also blend very nice and evenly. It helps to make my eye makeup stay put much longer without creasing. But if my eyelid are getting oily like crazy, it might creases by the end of the day, but still better than my other eye that didn't use this. On the swatch you could see the immediate difference to the result. I put so much more product on the side without using this paint pot, but it just wouldn't get as opaque.

I'm overall are pleased with the performence of this MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot. For a side note, I do have high expectation for this. And the fact that I love this so much is the best prove of the greatness this small little thing has.

This MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot are retails for IDR 270.000 at the official MAC's counter accross Jakarta. I got mine at SOGO Plaza Senayan.


  1. I bought this last week, Van! >.<
    Iya doi bulky yee, berat gitu. Jadi takut pecah, megangnya kayak megang emas batangan gitu *kayak pernah aja*, kudu hati2 -_-"

    Pas nanya2 (meski udah tau mau ambil yg apa dan semua shade-nya LOL!) ke BA-nya, disodorin yg Painterly dulu tapi pas bandingin sendiri akhirnya pilihan jatuh ke Soft Ochre ini hahaha #teteup

    Aku beli kemarin IDR 270k masihan di Sogo TP Surabaya, udah naik lagi ya? :O Yang naik lipstiknya, IDR 230k jadi IDR 260k :/

    1. aaaa.. gue dari seawal beli dapetnya 300 nin.. Beda tempat beda harga yaa X(

      Tau nih lipsticknya makin mahal aja jadi sayang mau belinyaaa.. :O

      Yang ini neutral banget siihh, yang painterly terlalu pink.. Cuma formulanya sih bener loh kece beuuuttt.. kepengen beli yg warna lainnya jugaa X)

    2. Ah masa bisa beda harga gitu? :O Kemarin sih ada beberapa barang yg udah naik emang, Revlon Superlustrous jadi IDR 35rb skrg -_-" Tapi kalo beda kota beda harga baru tau ini hahaha

      Kemarin beliin kado buat mama, jadi yaahh kayaknya ntar2 aja lah belinya :D Paint Pot aja ini belum kepegang >.<

      Iyaa, yg Painterly cool undertone jadi ga pede makenya hahaha Pake Soft Ochre aja lah, sekarang adalah nyari tutorial sebanyak2nya yg pake ini. Biar ga mubadzir :D

    3. Iya gue juga baru tauu. mayan juga bedanya 30rbuu..

      Gue pakein tiap hari buat jadi eyeshadow base biar abis sebelom kering X)

    4. Nindy! Dengan polosnya gue baru ngecek kalo ternyata gue nulis harganya itu kebalik antara Paint Pot sama mineralize concelear! Jadi bener harganya si paint pot 270! hahahaha xp

  2. Ini gw pengen beli juga gara2 liat maya mia pake, dia pake dobel ud primer sama ini sekaligus udahannya. Naksiiiir, harganya lebih murah dari ud bo...


    1. Iyaaa.. Terus teksturnya juga enak banget lohh.. Udeh ini aja dulu, UD belakangann hahaha


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