October 2014 Haul!

Posting my haul this month on time! Last month I have been over board and buy EVERYTHING I have interest on. I'm way over my monthly makeup budget, I took my gadget savings. :O

But everything's fine as long as I'm happy! XD

* Nivea UV Whitening Advance Moisture Care Serum *
* Nivea Fruity Shine Strawberry *
* Nivea Visage Sparkling White *

First off, I bought this Nivea package for, yep you've guessed it, the discount! I don't really need any of this stuff but I was just really couldn't ignore the 40% discount. Boooooo....cheeaaappppp...

* Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail Enamel in 190 Entice *
* Revlon Nail Enamel in 740 Get Reddy *
* Revlon Professional Double Twist Instant Base & Top Coat *
* Revlon Parfumerie in China Flower *
* Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple *
* Revlon Lip Butter in Cherry Tart *

Another impulse buy on the Revlon Counter. I was intended to just buy the lip butters but oh God why Revlon has to had a discount with minimum purchase?!? I was falling for the New Revlon Parfumerie in China Flower. The packaging is too cute to be true and I couldn't handle my love for it. X)

* Mazaya Match Perfection 4 in 1 Powder Cake in Whitening Ivory *
* Mazaya Matte Eyeshadow in Malihah *
* Mazaya BB Cream in Soft Beige *
* Refill L'Oreal Mat Magique in Nude Ivory *

Met this booth of Mazaya on Cosmobeaute last month and I get head over heels over the quality they're offering on their product with such a low price! Couldn't wait to share it with you guys! For the L'Oreal, I won their quiz on twitter quiet a while back ago and can't wait to try it.

* Wardah Every Day Beauty Balm Cream *
* Wardah Lightening Beauty Balm Cream *

Watch the video of it on Wardah's Youtube Channel and I instantly want to try it so bad!!

* Make Over Hydration Serum *
* Shizuku Hair Maker *
* Lorac Pro Palette 2 *

Bought Make Over for a client with dry skin and it worked so well! On the Cosmobeaute I also found this weird yet fascinating Shizuku thing to make hair looks thick like instantly! And it doesn't look fake at all! Do you guys want me to review it? Comment below! :D I also got this Lorac Pro Palette 2 by coincidence. My sissy gave the wrong link to the seller, instead of the original Pro Palette, she gave this but it's okay. She successfully made me feel like a true blogger because I'm really in the front line trying newly launched product instead if waiting a few years later just to finally decide to get it. haha. I'm not sure about this palette though. Maybe after I play with it I then can decide.  

* Tammia Facial Brush with Massager *
* Kay Collection Sisir Sasak *
* Masami Shouko Pencil Brush *
* Diamond Lash G *

A few miscellaneous things I got my hand into.

Last but not least, will trying out this Pond's Complete Solution Pimple Care Gel because the design is great!

Aaanndd that's it! What's your haul this month? ;)


  1. Sisir sasak? Sekarag mendalami ilmu hair do juga van?

    1. Kemaren itu dandanin orang sari, biar cepet beli yang giginya banyak. hahahaha

  2. Lah kita dikirimin shade bedak ya sama iki piye? -_-" Padahal warna kulit kita aja udah jauh beda. Aku juga dapet Nude Ivory and turned me into a Kabuki in an instant :s I passed it to my Mom instead since she has lighter complexion :)

    Wah LORAC ini 11-12 sama NAKED yakk, jd kl pengen itu antara LORAC atau NAKED mihihihihi Tapi ga sanggup kalo harus beliiiii >.< Takut magabut ntar dia :3

    Btw, aku jg pgn pencil brush nih Van, hbs liat video Carly Bybel (Oh those beauty gurus on Youtube have influenced me badly. Super bad!) jd pgn hahaha Review facial brush sama Hair Maker-nya ditunggu yaa! ^^

    Itu si brand Mazaya menarik juga, kirain merk Blis lho tulisan di packaging-nya yg gede itu ahahaha

    1. Kayanya dia mah main langsung ngirim aja, jatah hadiahnya warna yang slow moving kayanya. hahahha.. :p

      Iyacuma dulu pernah nyolek-nyolek naked punya orang, banyak fall out dan setelah diliat-liat warnanya banyak yang standarr.. Terus liat si lorac warnanya gak boring dan lebih buttery menurut orang-orang, plus harganya lebih murah! Haahahaha..

      Memang para beauty guru itu sangat pandai dalam menghasut kita untuk menguras kantong secara sukarela. Dari dulu udah liat si pencil brush tapi kok ya gak kepengen gitu. Sekarang kayanya udah butuh. *butuh memuaskan rasa pengen punya* hahaha

      Tadinya gue pikir juga Blis tapi pas nanya temen ternyata itu bahasa arab, bacanya mazaya. Hohoo

  3. Banyaaak bgt haulnya panii~ Repiew wardah bb creamny dong :DD

    1. Naaa!! You came back!! XD

      Iya nanti akhir bulan yaaa XD

    2. Iya niii vaniii ud kerja susah bagi waktuny hahahah..

  4. Ntah mengapa, gw kepostingan ini lagi buat mengagumi haul lu. Terutama Loracnya. Pengen toel toel *Ehem*

    1. Hahaha.. Sini maen sariii.. Tapi gue poto dulu yak baru colek-colek hahahaha

  5. An amazing haul!! ^^

    恵美より ♥

  6. Ya ampun br ngeh kl b.Arab itu >.< hahaha. Iya bacanya Mazaya bener bener..


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