New Girl In Town - Mazaya Cosmetics Review

The local beauty industries are growing bigger and bigger each year. A lot of brand are keeping up their brand to compete with the international ones. I knew Mazaya Cosmetics from a friend of mine and I'm very much attracted to their sweet and simple packaging with affordable price. They got an online shop but I didn't want to gamble with the quality. I'd like to touch'em at the counter first before buying anything. The packaging are very convincing though, but I don't want to be diceived by looks.

To be honest, this particular product wasn't the first thing I've wanted to try from their range. But touching it at the counter and to have seen it my self that the color match my skin tone very well, I decided to get it and this has become my favourite out of the bunch. The color is very yellow on the pan but when on my face it match very well with my skin tone. It has a matte finish but not too matte, I could still see it looks like my skin but better. The coverage is around sheer to medium. I try to build it up to a fuller layer but it just end up looking cakey. The sponge is also a great quality, it picks up and spread the product nice and evenly. For the longevity and oil control I might say it's on the minimum. In about 2 hours I can already see my face is getting oily and by the third hour it looks like a pan covered in slick. I also like to touch up maybe 2 to 3 times around the day but by the end of the night, I notice only a small amount left when I wipe my face with cotton pad. But I can feel this product to be light on my face. I feel like I'm wearing nothing at all. Even when I put a nice layer on top for touch up without blotting my face first, it will look so nice and blends so easily and beautifully.

I love how it has a separator for the sponge so the overall look get very compact and easy to carry. I must say the first thing that caught my eyes are the cute, droppy kinda shape with the feminine peach color. But it feels kinda frail though. I'm hoping to get a better quality packaging for a powder retailed for IDR 42.000.

They also got this Mazaya BB Cream which I love the texture of. It's very balmy and moisturizing, I find it easier to blend it with brush rather than using my bare fingers. With brush it spreads very beautifully and I can build it up better to give me a better coverage. I'd say it has a medium coverage with glowy finish. It manage to covers my acne and veins very well but still make it looks like skin. There's something about the shade though, I pick the shade Soft Beige. Sometimes it looks darker, sometimes it just right but it still a match to my neck so I guess it's okay. I hate the oil control on their products. Just like the powder, it last about 2 hours before it starts to get oily and by the 3rd hour, I'm a greaseball.

Love how it covers my flaws like those redness around my nose, my dark undereye, skin discoloration, and acne but still making it looks like skin. This BB Cream is retailed for IDR28.000.

These shadows are buttery and smooth although when pushed a bit harder it tends to create fall out, but the whole texture experience is very nice. I pick the shade MALIHAH which has this bright orang, bright fuschia and black. It's all matte and very nicely pigmented. They are very easy to blend to each other or even into a bare skin. It creates a very soft blended edges that looks very pretty. It can last up until 4-5 hours before it starts to crease and by the end of the day the colors fade. Sure thing to fix the longevity by a nice eyeshadow primer. I appreciate how they use a double ended applicator with a brush on the other end, but the sponge part is very harsh and unpleasant to use. The brush ends are okay and fluffy enough to blend the edges.

Some looks I created using the palette. I'm in love with the crazyly pretty colors they have on their palettes and I sure picked up a more occasional color to use. I'm looking forward to get a more earth tone color to wear it daily. It retails for IDR45.000. With price like that I asure you'll get satisfaction for the quality they give.

If you haven't heard about the brand, I recommend you to try some of its products since they offer great quality especially being in the affordable local market price range. And that's it for today's long review. I feel like I'm out of breath here. See you soon, folks!


  1. baguuuussss bangeeet resultny van, aduwhhh racuunnn >.<

    1. Iya yang bb creamnya tuh kaya kulit banget neee.. TWCnya juga nyatu di kulit walau kurang tahan lama, eyeshadow teksturnya JUARA!

  2. Pertama aku liat ini ada di toko dan+dan kalo ga salah, kirain merk apaan. Naksir eyeshadownyaaaa

    1. Iyaa.. warnanya cantk-cantik banget sy, gak boong!

  3. coverage bb cream nya keliatannya oke ya ce :D

  4. Ci Vani matanya cakep bangettttt >.<

  5. uwaah bb creamnya cakep banget, langsung googling cari mazaya di solo. makasihnya kak infonya :) #bajubelajardandan

  6. naksir BB creamnya euy, coverage nya bagus bingiiit. harganya juga bikin tambah naksir :p


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