My Birthday & #BLOGMAS!

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday! Woop woop! Being as a loner as I am, I didn't really expect to have a gazillion greetings for me on my birthday, but the fact that there are still friends and family who care enough for  me to say me such nice things and blessings, I felt so happy. :) I spent the day working as usual and spent the night with my loveliest. I'll later have a feast with my family, maybe this week or the next week. We'll do it when everyone's available. 

And this year was the first time for me to redeeming my birthday gift from restaurant and retail store in general who offers free gifts or meal in the month of the consumer's birthday. I pick up the gift from The Body Shop which is a strawberry soap bar and the proceed to Alam Sutra to eat at Holycow Steak which also a free treat. At the end of the night, my boyfriend gave me a small stripey black and white sling bag which I LOVE! He knows me so well. :") It feels like the most real birthday I have in years since I feel like I'm getting so much presents right on the D day. :D

And heading up to December, my most favourite month of the year, I'm feeling like doing a #BLOGMAS ! I really love when youtubers are doing their Vlogmas and I want to make it too!! But then I realize that my life is reallyyyy boring and practically nothing happens, so I decided to make #BLOGMAS. I'm not sure if there's anything alike or any other blogger has done it, I'm just too lazy to search. Haha. Basically I'm gonna post up post related to Christmas every other day starting from December 1st until 25th. I want to make it everyday but I just couldn't keep up with it. Soo excited for doing this #BLOGMAS since it is the first time I'll do anything under constant hashtag on my blog! 


  1. Happy belated birthday, Van! :D

    Senengnya dapet free treat gitu, di sini kayaknya belum ada yang begituan -_-"

  2. Hahaha.. Pas banget juga gue bulan-bulan ini ketemu tempat yang bisa ngasih gratisan. Jadi member body shop juga nin mayan dapet hadiahnya seharga 40rb-an! X)


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