Locally Autumn

As a desperate 4 season country admirer as I can be, my most favourite season is Autumn. I'd love to see those tree leafs turning to the range color of yellow, orange, and red. The rather hot colours are giving some warmth to the breeze weather follows through. Not to mention the hottest look of the season which allows the dark berry full lips to beautifully merge with the earthy tone defined crease and some bold brows. This only the season that makes all strong things looks so suble. Major love!

Applying the season's trend here is not wrong, but the situation aren't that supporting. Imagine wearing all those heavy makeup while you're standing aside from the road to wait for angkot or a city bus while the rain is pouring hard and the road are all puddly. All glam drop down to the knees. But do as you wish, not as I told. Do whatever you want if it suits your delicacies, while I took makeup way too personally I only put on so much if I see the place is proper.

Now now, I've gathered this 3 things that's very easy to find locally and so very much affordable to suit the season's worth of hype!

Got this like 2 years ago around christmas time. It's a rarity to see such rich and fashionable color combination of a local product to have! When I first saw it, I immediatelly thought of Chanel or other higher end brand. I'm so in love with the color, I just had to get it! The formula are amazing too! The colours pops up right away even when applied with fluffy brush. My my, what a local gem. It get creased halfway through the day, but nothing an eyeshadow base couldn't fix.

2. Pixy Blush On in shade Exotic Mauve 05
Never had a purple blushes before, but it looks so much fun to at least has the purple color incorporated on the looks other than the eyes ang lips. I like to use it lightly to give me a nice hint, but it will look lovely on the darker skintone if applied heavier.

3. Fanbo Fantastic Lipstick in shade 08
It is a nice dark berry lipstick to vamp up any day look. You can wear it thinly almost like a tint, ombre it, or full it up to make a statement. I like to sport the tint look since I ate a lot. (Which basically only left me with a tint without a try).

You can easily found these products on cosmetics supply store with price all under IDR40.000. Such a steal, huh?


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