[REVIEW] MAC Mineralize Concealer in NC20

The day I bought this MAC concealer is the day I feel like I'm actually in the beauty community all at once. All those early youtube days when I was in high school. At the time when you know the person you're watching was a pro when they pull out any MAC product to use with all the tips and trick to get pretty. All those eyeshadow palettes & brushes. The moment where you get very excited just to recognized a plain, bullet-like, black lipstick container without any info from the person you're watching.  Just looking at this, in front of my fudging uneven eyes, makes me really happy. :)

I was originally wanted to buy the MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer but they was out of stock so the Beauty Advisor advised me to get the mineralize instead. I never really paying attention to this concealer but since the BA told me they are pretty much the same, the difference is only that this MAC Mineralize Concealer is more moisturizing than the MAC Pro Long Wear.

It weight for 0.17 ml/5 ml, a regular weight for concealer but since I love my concealer better than any foundation, I feel like I use it quite fast. Maybe if I use it everyday it will be gone in 2 months or so. Anyway, I'm loving the matte textured cap that contrasting with the finish it actually gave, which I'll discuss in a second.

I pick me a shade in NC20 that one shade lighter than my actual skin color. Never bought MAC before this but I'm guessing I'm around NC25. This color has a very nice yellow undertones which helps to reduce my redness and to nicely cover my under eye circle, while at the same time match beautifully with my actual skin. For the record, I don't use any foundation on the daily basis, only occasionally, so a blendable concealer that match my skin is a big plus.

It came with a brush wand. It actually a very tiny brush for the purpose I use for this product. But then again, I think it's a nice size brush so you can really pin point your imperfection and cover it nicely without to worry about putting too much product on your face.

The texture itself is very liquidy but still has a body so it won't drip away when I put it on my face. For the coverage I can say it covers pretty much medium, which is nice! Since the coverage is quite high I can really use a minimum amount of product to look perfect. My motto about everyday makeup is - Less is more. I love me some product with minimum quantity to wear with such a high impact. I'm all about naturaly flawless, effortless skin, and this could help me to achieve that. Be careful to apply a nice thin layer on the undereye area since I experience some creasing happening when I put too much product on.

The finish is something I never see in any concealer. After I blend it into my skin, it didn't just dries away, leaving me with a matte skin. It actually sets in a some sort of balmy finish. I could really feel with my finger that this gave such a hydration for my skin. After setting it with a light powder it still will glow nicely making my skin to look very healthy and supple.

This product has make my skin look better with covering my skin in a nice layer that has a very skin-like finish which allows me to trick everyone else's eyes to think I have a great skin! The medium coverage really suits my needs for an everyday makeup look I want to achieve. But the balmy finish with my oily skin might not be the best kind of pair. I think it will perform better on dry skin but so far I'm liking it, the finish is new to me and I still get fascinated by it. Hehehehe.

It retails for IDR 300.000 on MAC's counter in Jakarta. I got mine at Sogo Plaza Senayan.



  1. I'm gonna buy my first MAC soon! >.<
    So far sih pengen Paint Pot dan lagi considering lipstik tapi masih ragu2 takut creamy banget kyk NYX :/

    1. You better! Lipsticknya gue pengen banget yang ririwoo.. Walopun keras dan agak kering tapi suka finishnya. Yang sunny seoul juga tsakep gak terlalu creamyy, nin! *hasil nyolek punya cicik* hahahah


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