[REVIEW] Pixy Nail Enamel

As you have seen in my latest haul, I bought these pixy nail polishes when I was accompanying my friend to buy her makeup supply. I've seen these for a long time and I haven't really got the urge to get them because of the one & only reason, their packaging sucks. With so many prettily packaged nail polish out there, why on earth would I get this. Well to be fair, their bottle is okay but making the cap a pearlized pink has killed the joy. After wondering back and forth wether to buy this or not, I looked at their price tag & I thought, why not? And that was like the best decisions of my life.
The formula of this polishes are sweeettt.. They glides on really smoothly, like one thin coat can make it spreads nicely and evenly, not so even though, you'll still need a second coat to get the full opacity.  But, gosh, it is very very nice I can definitely compare them to Revlon Colorstay with like 3 times its price! They can last up to 3-7 days depends on the acivity you're doing. Usualy it starts to chip on my right index finger & thumb since they so the most hardcore jobs need to get done, then slowly moves to middle finger, to the ring finger, and the last man standing is my pinkies. They gives a high shine through out the week without base coat & top coat. Something I really like since my Revlons are usualy don't shine for longer than 3 days without any top coat. They dries so fast for two coats, like for 15-20 minutes I can do whatever I want and there they are, fully intact with no ruin whatsoever.

I've got four colors and I'll start by the least favourite into my ultimate favourite color. This pink one is Pixy Nail Enamel in P-04. One thing I hate about local brand is that they don't put some cute name on their colors so it's a bit hard to memorize and to spell. Anyway, this is my least favourite because it's a barbie doll pink with a white base and blue-ish tone. They shine so bright and clashed with my super yellow skintone so my skin will look dull. It also makes me look like a try-too-hard-to-be-cute kinda girl. I simply don't like the color.

Moving to Pixy Nail Enamel in Rs-02, A deep burgundy color with a hint of gold shimmer. Looking through the bottle, I know I'm gonna like this. But after I wear it on my nails, it looks more towards brown which is a very big no no for me. It makes me look like an arrogant stylish grandma. It still have the elegance from the deep color but it just looks off on me.

Moving to more towards my kind of color. Pixy Nail Enamel V-01, a deep purple with blue shimmers. This color really pop up for it's own and at the same time it makes my skin looks brighter and whiter! I love color that makes me look as white as it can. It reminds me of the fierce winter fashion which is sooo cooolll!

And the most favourite color from what I got, Pixy Nail Enamel in O-01, a bright orange color. Unlike any peaches or orange polishes I've ever tried that makes my skin also looks dull, this particular orange is really bright and compliment my skin tone very well. Just like the V-01, this also makes my skin looks whiter, therefore I'm so happy with it. It makes me want to dress up all bright and fluorescent for summer.

All in all, I am very much pleased with the formula although some color don't complement my skin tone. Nevertheless, I'd still gonna hunt for other colors they have. They got 13 colors to choose from and I've already put my eyes on P-01, R-01, & R-02.

Retailed for IDR 16.000, I think this is a very high quality affordable nail polish that you can find almost in every hypermarkets or cosmetics supply stores. I got mine at Carefour Puri Indah.


  1. Pixy warnanya lumayan bagus2 juga ya, yang paling utama adalah murah! hehehe jadi pengen beli dech

    1. Iya betul! Asal ketemu warna yang cocok sih pas banget iniiihhh hihii

  2. warnanya bagus banget di jari kamu..!! apa lagi warna orange dan pink nya <3


  3. selain murah juga tahan lama..di toko2 kosmetik biasanya cuma Rp.14.700


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