[REVIEW] Garnier Sakura White

As you guys have seen it, I went to the Garnier Sakura White Launching Event a while ago. After the event the Garnier Team was kindly offer me some products to review from the Sakura White Range. So I guess why not? And a little bit of a disclaimer first, eventhough it is considered as a free product, I don't see it as a sponsored post. So any of the review you're about to read below are my most honest opinion from my own experience.

The whole range of Garnier Sakura White consists of:
- Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Facial Foam
- Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Whitening Cream (for oily skin)
- Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Whitening Cream with SPF 21 (for dry skin)
- Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Sleeping Essence
- Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Intesive Whitening mask

First I have to tell you about the scent. The smell is sweet with a hint of sourness, I could almost smell an apple out of it eventhough its not! I have the weirdest smell memories so one thing might lead to another irrelevant things. But I can assure you it has a nice smell for a skincare range.

Now let's start from the very first thing I use on using the whole range, Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Facial Foam. I litterally just need a pea size amount to create enough, if not too much, of foam to wash my whole face! The foam are small and soft but it really does a very nice job in cleansing my face. If you're wearing makeup of course you have to remove it beforehand, this won't take your waterproof mascara off since they didn't claim as a all in one makeup cleanser. Even if it does, I'd still remove my makeup first, I don't believe any facial foam to wash away all of my makeup in one go, especially around the eye area. It really helps to thoroughly cleanse my face so my skin feels squeeky clean after using this.

The next step on starting my day, applying a nice moisturizer to keep it moisturized all day. Since I have an oily skin, I mostly use the Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Whitening Cream which is the one they made for oily skin. Sadly, they don't have any SPF in this one. My friends told me the SPF has a sticky texture and after absorbs they will have a more greasy looking finish on the skin, that's why this particular moisturizer only using UV filter to alternate the SPF. CMIIW. The texture looks like a lotion but when I spread it over it feels really watery and absorbs really fast into my skin leaving a soft and matte looking skin. In a way I can see they also helps to reduce the appearence of my large pores. This one also has the most instant whitening effect from the whole range. It doesn't look like a ghostly white skin but you can definitely tell I got something on my face to make it whiter. It doesn't look really natural but still acceptable. The only thing I feel uncomfortable with is the way it feels on my face when I spread it over. I don't know if how fast they got absorbs or it's just my skin, I can definitely feel that it stings a bit all around my face especially on places where I have a breakout. Nothing major though, it just feels uncomfortable for a very short moment.

And for dry skin, they got Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Whitening Cream with SPF 21++. They didn't actually write it on the box about which moisturizer for which skin, but that's how they explain to us at the launching event. I like this one better for a morning face moisturizer since it has better texture which is very nice and smooth. It feels thick and fluffy although it's very nice, I can feel my skin gets plumper and well moisturized right after applying this to my face and neck. It also gives and instant brightening effect, but not as much as the other one has.

On the night time, applying this Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Sleeping Essence to my entire exhausted skin is sucha  joy. The texture is light and airy, almost feels like gel type of product. It absorbs quite fast and leaving my skin feeling very nice. The next morning I can really notice that my skin is looking very great. They look smooth, plumped, and brighter. I spend too much time in the morning just to adore my pretty looking skin.

Last but not least, the next step to pamper up my skin, I use the Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Intesive Whitening Mask. It has a pink hue to the sheet which looks so cute and girly. What makes it more special is the High Fitting 2nd Skin Mask which allows the sheet to perfectly fit on our face. This makes wearing mask even more easier as I can freely move around to do other things while the mask sits perfectly onto my skin. I can also feel some stinging all around my face but nothing major. After removing the mask I can feel my face is getting really hydrated and bouncy all around. It also helps to make my skin looking brighter.

I have to warn you though, on the first week of me using this product, I did get breakout on the outside perimeter of my face. All of it are small red spots, like it only starting to form zits, but it disappear after the week has passed. I did use an acne prevention skincare to calm it down but it is a regular on my skincare routine. 

After using the whole range for 3 weeks, I can really see and feel the difference on my skin. My overall complexion is getting really nice and glowy. It feels so supple and smooth to touch. I also notice that it helps to evens out my skin discoloration. And as you can see from above picture (click to enlarge) My pores are definitely looking smaller and my skin sure does looking smoother! I'm in awe my self! It also helps to reduce the appearance of darkspots. Especially on my chin where I tend to breakout the most often.When I first use it, let me be honest, I don't think it will do any drastic change to my skin whatsoever, but picture does say a thousand words. Even before I edit this before-after picts I was still a bit unsure. 

As for the whitening effect, I don't really feel that it whiten my face but it really does a  great job on brightening up my overall complexion. I even get brave enough to not wearing any face makeup when I go outside since I feel pretty confident with my skin condition. 

After 3 full weeks of wearing it, I decided to buy the night cream, day cream with SPF and the mask. I'm so in love with these 3 the most and I am more than happy to recommend this to everyone whose in search of great skincare with such an affordable price! 

For availibility, you can pretty much get it almost anywhere, from minimarket until hypermarket, from traditional to modern outlet, they pretty much have it everywhere so you don't have to worry.


For more information you can visit Garnier's online platform:


Have you tried this new amazing skincare? What's your skin's experience with it? Please do share on the comment section below!


  1. di kamu cocok ya van? di aku engga, baru pake 3 hari kulitku jadi langsung bruntusan. jadi akhirnya aku gak ikut challenge nya.. :(((

    1. Oiya gue lupa nambahin di atas, itu gue juga sampe semingguan baru ilang, abis itu mulushhh hehehe

  2. Thank you for the review ci Vani!
    Aku breakout di dagu juga nih ci :(
    Di hyper/carefour ada ga yaa.. Mau nyobain hehehe

    1. Yes your welcome!
      Ada kok lengkap dia dimana-manaaa hehehe

  3. aduh jadi pengen cobain day & night cream nya.. btw day cream yang jar ukuran kecilnya dijual juga atau cuma sample aja ya.. soalnya biasanya cuma liat ukuran 30ml aja

    1. Ada kok Diah, di hyper sama carefour gitu lengkap smua ukuran ^^

  4. lupa darimana tapi nyasar di blog cc hihihi
    enihow aku juga nyobain pake range ini yang day cream with no spf sama night cream nya, and I am loving it to the moon and back~~ entah kenapa cocok2 aja sama kulitku yang bandel dan super sensi ini hehe
    bener kata cc, ngga mutihin kulit tapi mencerahkan :D udah minggu ketiga pake nih dan masih sisa banyaak (padahal aku kira isinya dikit doang) tapi ternyata a little goes a long way hihihi

    eniwei salam kenal ci Vani ^^


    1. Glad it works for you!

      Salam kenal juga Miaaaa :D

  5. Tekno Network
    Aku pernah pakai GARNIER SAKURA WHITE, tapi mungkin gak cocok dengan kulitku,

  6. Masih dipake? Setelah lama make tetep nggak apa-apa wajahnya?

    1. Aku lagi pake skincare lain karena masih ngantri banyak yang belom dipake. Tapi selama pake sampe abis gak ada masalah lagi tuh..

  7. Aku pakai juga lengkap, dan hari ini ngereview yang sleeping essence-nya. Sayangnya bagiku untuk kesan memutihkan gak terasa ya, mungkin karena emang aku menderita kulit gosong yang keterlaluan akibat ke bali 5 hari tanpa sunblock hahahaha...

    BTW, kapan2 main ke blog aku ya~ Mind to folbak juga kah? Let me know~ Thank you~


  8. Lumayan sulit sih untuk mengerti,,soalnyakan kita org indo... apalagi aq gk pinter b.inggris... jadi bisanya cuman komen.

    Aku udah coba day cream spf sm night cream,aku belom dapat kesan cerah... tapi yg katanya pipi akan jdi merona aku udah dapet. Thx kak Vani



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