One Nice Sunday

I'm an introvert. Yes. No, really? Yes I am. I like to be on my own and go to places far away from the crowd. I hate crowds. But on some occasions I like 'em. Depends on the event. So on this very beautiful sunday (very beautiful because I have no plan at all. No plan is like, the best plan), I spent all my time to clean my room from any garbage I still kept after all this time. Also, my house is right on the side of the main road, and as you Jakartans may know by now, this city is covered in dust and polution. My room is right in the front, so it is always full of dust and keeping many unnecesarry sentimentil things will collect as many dust as possible. While I was still busy with re-organizing my bookcase, I saw my vanity and looked at my makeup drawer, It's full of things that didn't work for me but I still keep it just for the sake of having it. Many of them has already get expired or just plainly didn't work for me. I took everything I won't use and won't review whatsoever to be moved to their new home at my office. Just for comparison and research purposes. It's better than sit calm and quietly in my room while they got nothing to do.

I'm actually tired seeing my room in such a mess. I always dreamed on having prettily decored room like I've seen on pinterest. I'd like to have a dominantly white room with rustic turquois or bronze elements with walls full of picture frames to display all the close relation I have with my family, best friends, lover, and any major moments I have in my life just so I can look at it and recall all the best moments they gave me. I love digital era, yes, it makes our lifes get so much easier. But sometimes having a physical thing to grab and to take care of seems more real and close rather than seeing everything on the screen. Getting rid of things instead of holding it on would be a nice start for me.

How's your weekend? 


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    1. hahaha.. Sari dapet jatah rivera yang paketan aja yaahh :P

  2. iy sama I hate crowds too van apalg di jkt y wiihh rame bgt >.<
    kamar q jg lsg ngadep sm jalanan jd klo tiap hari dibersihiin tuh pasti masiii aja ada debunya (sebal xD) iy aku jg kepingin py kamar ala" yg di pinterest gtu bagus" bgt ntr klo py rmh sndiri bakal kak rombak dah jd kyk gtu <3


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