Muslimah by Sophie Paris Review & GIVEAWAY! [CLOSED]

The hijab trend has been going up high since the hijab bloggers explosion. The so called Hijab Bloggers has succesfuly make hijab looks very stylish and fashionable rather than looking plain and uncomfortable. I am one of the hijab trend followers. I like to see how they mix & match their outfit to look george while still being modest and polite. As the success rise on the clothing area, the beauty department is also competing and developing the need of the hijaber, that is a halal makeup. For my hijabi fellow, you might find comfort in knowing that you can use makeup that's safe clinically & religiously. The latest brand that came up with halal makeup series is the Sophie Paris with their line, Muslimah. I'm lucky enough that they offer me to try some of their products. And also kind enough to offer my readers to get the chance to get a free Muslimah by Sophie Paris makeup product! Yeay! Hop to the end of this post to know how to win a Muslimah cosmetics product of your choice!

I was confused and I picked a Muslimah Lipstick to try since I'm a lipstick hoarder now. I originally wanted a bright red color but the color on the website didn't show well which name for which color. So I take my luck and mention a shade, Zoraya. The shade that came to my house is this bright orange color instead of the red I initially wanted. When I first look at it, I'm like, "Ugh, this color wouldn't be nice on me. I hope it better not thick because I will ditch it." I have colors like this before and some just showed up off on my very yellow skin tone. I then tried it and Oh.My.Gaawwddd.. Mamamiaaa.. The texture feels very nice on my lips, I feel like I'm wearing a tinted lip balm. It feels so nice and comfortable and very very moisturizing and the color suits me very very well! Oh I'm sorry I've looked down on you, Zoraya. T^T

It really reminds me of the Revlon Lip Butters, the difference is that the Revlon Lip Butter has a very strong color pay offs while Muslimah's is more on the sheer side. I try to build it up but it won't get me an opaque color, my friend with natural darker lip than mine also giving it a try and it show up really sheer on her. Now eventhough I really like how the color and the moisturizing effect it gives, I kinda hate the way it shows up on my lips. It's really hard to get an even stroke on my normal lips, meaning, not dry but not so plump either. I had to start with thin layers, the moisture will fade off after 2 hours but the color stays. When I re-apply, the color intensity would increase but still looking nice. When I apply this to my-rarely happened-well moisturized lips it will glides on better although not the best. After the whole day wear, I can see it settles quite much on my fine lines, it's not highly noticeable when my lips in the normal state, but once I smile so wide, you can definitely see them.

I also get a lipbalm, Muslimah Lip Care with Vitamin E, which the texture are very alike with the lipstick. It is too, very moisturizing and feel very nice on my lips. This is the kind of lipbalm where it really absorbs into my lips instead of just sitting on top of it. It really helps when my lips are dry and starts to feel uncomfortable. I just slap on in real quick and smack my lips together. It makes my lips feels so smooth and comfortable in an instant. The moisturizing feeling will also fade away after 2-3 hours until I have to reapply.

For the packaging, I have to say, from the very beginning it showed up, I'm not a big fan of the packaging color. I know it represent the olive oil they use in it, but it's just really not my thing.

Now, enough for the review! How about the giveaway I was talking about? Here it is..


Every girl would always have a nice cute story related to makeup from their childhood. As for me, my fondest makeup memory would be when I first have my own compact powder, I remember always using it everytime I want to go out eventhough I used it very sparingly because I don't want it to look like a mask. After the powder has gone and I'm left wih mirror & sponge, I'd still pat the empty sponge into my face while looking at the compact's mirror. I'd do it while waiting for my sibling to get ready, I did it in the bathroom when I was "getting ready", I even did it on my yard under the tree while waiting for the car to get ready. I did it everywhere, just because! hahahaha.. I feel very stupid but funny at the same time, but those kind of memories had really made us who we are today. I'm more than happy to read your fondest makeup memory. Sweet, sad, happy, exciting, anything! Share it to me and let's together remember those time when we were so happy and innocent. :D

How to win a Muslimah Cosmetics product of your choice:

1. You must follow this blog either on Google Friend Connect and/or Bloglovin' 

2. Comment below with this format:
    Name                                              :
    Active Email                                  :

    Your Fondest Makeup Memory  :
    Your ONE (1) Muslimah's Product of choice from Sophie Paris Website :

3. This giveaway will be closed on September 28th, 2014 at 5.00 PM sharp.

4. There will be one winner. The winner will be chosen by moi based on the best story. 

- You are free to submit as many entry as you wish, but each entry must have a different story.


Meanwhile you can browse around and do some window shopping on the Sophie Paris Website.

And that's it! So easy right? Hehe. Good luck for all the participants and may the odds be ever in your favor. Cheers!

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  1. Hello sis, mau join giveawaynya ya. Thank you and wish me luck ^^

    Name : Rella Nurkasih
    Active Email :

    Your Fondest Makeup Memory : My fondest makeup memory would be when I was about 6 or 7 years and I sneaking in to my parents' room for several times just to apply my mom's lipstick, after that I went back to my room to play doll. And if my mom went to my room to check me, I tried to cover my lips so she wouldn't know and I didn't get yelled. That's so embarrasing! hahaha T-T

    Your ONE (1) Muslimah's Product of choice from Sophie Paris Website :

  2. Name : ratna zhang
    Active Email :

    My Fondest Makeup Memory : when 1st time i watch You tube beauty guru. Why? before, i just apply powder on my face. then on my 23 years old " so Late" i looked my friends photo. she was so beauty when she use makeup, after that i searching on you tube how to create natural makeup.. and.. waoh, so many beaty guru at there, i really2 happy, . also from you tube i know about beauty blogger, i was very happy b'coz before i buy some product, i could search the review from it. now i use " makeup no make up " for my everday, i could drawing my eyebrow, eyeliner, blending eyeshadow, counturing my face.. that is my fondest memory, i hope i will win this giveaway.. thankyou
    I want to win muslimah eyeshadow on jasper ( pink purple)

  3. My Fondest Makeup Memory

    Name : Asti
    Blog :
    Instagram : @BeautyAsti1
    Twitter : @BeautyAsti1
    Email :
    Muslimah : two way cake creamy natural

    The best moment when I learnt make up is when I decided to buy a BEAUTY CLASS voucher from Groupon in the beginning of 2014..
    To me, this make up class was for NOTHING at that time.. But lately, after learning how to apply the right foundation, made a cat-liner, and colouring my eyelid with eyeshadows, it wasn't for nothing at all.
    I felt my curiousity so deep in make up & brush set and decided to learn more about cosmetics in every beauty workshop whether it's free or full of charge. I also download all videos from beauty gurus on Youtube and read some make up tutorials and product review from other beauty bloggers..
    Now, I'm also one of beauty blogger that going to share all things about make up to every woman. Cheers~

  4. ikutan VaniVani, mau ikutan cerita ya~


    My fondest makeup memory is my love and hate relationship with makeup. Love at first sight and then how much i HATE make up and look at me now, tumpukan make up di pojokan yang berdebu, belom lagi kuas-kuas yang terus berdatangan. :')

    Pertama kali belajar makeup itu waktu Make Up Class with Frans. Yes, my dearest bald coach itu yang ngajarin basic & dekoratif dari A-Z, dari cleansing sampe make up panggung. Dan yang berhasil gw kuasai dengan baik cuma cara pakai eyeliner pensil di upper and waterline. Tau ga makeup apa yg direkomendasiin sama dia? PAC! Yang bener ajee, sekarang aja gw masih ngerasa PAC engga murah, apalagi jaman SMA. :')
    Dan waktu kuliah, gw beneran sebel banget sama make up dan cenderung sinis kalo liat anak jurusan laen dandan. Karena yang banyakan dandan itu anak ekonomi & fikom, gw sebagai anak teknik yg arogan, jadinya berasa cewe dandan itu kecentilan banget. Kalo gw dandan waktu kuliah, mau bangun jam berapa gw?? Hahaha
    Trus di semester akhir, berawal dari blogwalking, tiba di Make Up Related, IBB, Michelle Phan, etc etc sampailah gw ke gw yang sekarang. Gatel mata kalo liat make up & skincare, berlama-lama di health and beauty aisle, keluar masuk drugstore sampai ke tahap agak nyebelin laki gw. lol. Dan belakangan ini, gw mulai mengidap brush fetish. T.T. Beneran deh, semua gara-gara Make Up Related lu nih awalnya, dari benci jadi enthusiast. :'D

  5. - Name: Theresia Syanli Octavia
    - Instagram : @theresiasyanli
    - Email:
    - I would like to adopt
    My fondest makeup memory: kenangan makeup terindahku adalah sewaktu kecil, aku sebenarnya agak malu waktu di dandan-in untuk perayaan ulangtahun ke5 ku, mamaku memintaku menggunakan lipstick, tapi sampai sekarang aku agak jarang pakai lipstick kecuali ada moment tertentu hehe, aku mulai suka makeup semenjak ikutan group beauty blogger dan mulai aware sama kondisi kulitku, makeup ku masih sederhana sekali karena cenderung mudah berkeringat >.<


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