Dine with Me: Bong Kopitown Karawaci

I wait for my mom every single day at Super Mal Karawaci to pick her up from work. I've seen many unique restaurant but I want to have a company to try it all out. When I'm starving I usually just go to Ta Wan to enjoy their super delicious rice porridge. But I've been wanting to try this Bong Kopitown since they have a very unique prison-like design. With a lot of new restaurant popping up here and there everyday, an eye catching concept will definitely take my curiosity.

They really bring an entire jail feeling to the restaurant with tables located behind bars, waitress wearing stripe uniforms, silver plate and tablewear, they even have the menu to replicate a newspaper with stories related with the restaurant. Nicely done for the environment! But a great place is not enough, I need a super great food to really like the whole thing.

I went there with no other than the loveliest handsome man I could ever wish for. With a clashing day offs schedule, we like to squeeze in a day to meet up and watch movies in between our schedule. Because he's like my bestest friend, I like to try new things with him so I could discuss it later on since we got (almost) the same taste. :D

You can click the menus up there to read the whole thing, I save it large enough so you can see what they got before going in.

I tried the Old Town Juhi since I rarely got a chance to eat it, This is actually not in the list of recommended dish they're offering but I just really wanted to try it. Looking at the picture now really makes me think it looks like a plate of poop. HAHAHAHA. I'M SORRY I CAN'T HELP IT. XD
The presentation point is near zero for me, It doesn't even look presentable. Even rujak juhi abang-abang still looks better than this! The taste is just a so-so lah for me, nothing really special. The juhi (shredded dried squid) helps to add the flavour but nothing really major. For drink, I ordered Green Healthy Juice which is one of their recommendation but again, so-so. I don't think it taste fresh enough to represent the color it came in. 

As for Le BF, he ordered one of the recommendation menu which is the Penang Fried Noodle. Basically, it's a seafood fried noodle. Again the taste was almost plain, I can only feel a sweet soy sauce, salt, and pepper which not combined perfectly, they were like stand for themselves instead of becoming a harmony. Mi Goreng Tek-Tek tastes waay better for only a fraction of this costs. And for drinks he ordered A Tomato Juice which tastes okay.

The overall score for the whole thing would be 2.5 out of 5. I personally wouldn't go back there unless someone is paying for me. Hahahaha.

I feel like I'm being so rude everytime I put a food review here but honestly, I don't really like spending too much of my money to jumping on restaurants let alone a restaurant with a bad taste on food and on the other hand, my dad is a very very great cook which he started to inherit the ability to his lovely daughter (it is me by the way if you haven't notice) so I know how to make this things, which is easy. But eating out means I can enjoy a good food in a good place instead of my boring dining room again & again. So I'm sorry if maybe you know the owner or you like the food there. I don't mean to judge you but I just have a high standard for the definition of good food #sorrynotsorry.


Super Mal Karawaci
Lt. 1 No. 39A-40A
Phone: 021-5466 493



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