August 2014 Haul!

August has gone like a wind and it's almost mid-september already! Time really do fly fast when you do something you like to do. :D Now, before it's the end of the month again, here are the round up of things I bought back in August.

First up, I repurchase this Batiste Dry Shampoo Original as I'm getting really lazy since I started to work. I went from a hardcore everyday hair washer into a lazy third day hair policy implementer. It's soo hard to force myself just 15 minutes earlier than normal to wash my hair and not getting late for work everyday, I'd rather sleep in my warm bed & cozy blanket instead of fighting the cold in the morning. I like to try their other variant but the original is the only one availabe locally and I'm too lazy to bought some online. Anyway this is great to keep my hair looks clean in between my hair wash schedule.

Been wanting to try this Bioderma Sensibio H2O since it hit the stores but the price tag are just simply too high and I don't want to spent a big portion of my monthly makeup allowance just to buy a cleansing water goddamnit! They're so priceyyy T^T. Lucky for me I saw this on sale at Watson. IDR 200k for both bottle, not the cheapest price you would imagine but it was a nice deal so I decided to try it. What kind of beauty blogger am I, avoiding the trending items for the sky high pricetags?? A smart saver blogger it is!

Strolling around at Carefour while waiting for my friends picking up lipbalms, I saw this Pixy Nail Enamel with pretty colors. I pick up four shades available at the time. I'm gonna do a separate review on this nail polishes but one thing I can tell you, I love the formula! And as for the Revlon Colorstay Nail Enamel in Rain Forest, I also bought this back at Watson together with my Bioderma since it was 50% off. I love the glittery green, I thought it will be a nice witch color on upcoming halloween. 

Not that I run out on any of my eyeliners but I went to Pasar Baru, the legendary shopping spot and salon supply stores, and the urge were huge to buy things there! I finally get this as many people rave good about Aubeau Perfect Liquid Eyeliner and my curiosity burnt me.

A miscellaneous purchase:
Secret Clean Body Spray Green Tea, I ran out of my body spray and this caught my eyes.
Viva Hand & Nail Cream with Melon Extract, I have the green one and planning on making a review so I bought both variant just because it cheap :p
Europa Next Green Contact Lenses, love how my photos turn out when I'm wearing lenses. I get a natural size with my favourite color to try, green.

The most exciting items for me to buy this month!! I can't believe for 3 years since I sucked into the deep black hole of makeup, I finally bought MAC products! Aaarrrrggghhhh I'm so excited!! XD
I don't know why it took me so long to get them because they give such a satisfaction just from looking at them and touching them! I haven't play with it since I haven't got the time to take a proper picture of them in their brand new, fresh from the store, clean packaging. I yelled at my sister and friends as they tried to take out the wand of my brand new beddazled concealer. That's how much of the excitement I got for these babies. I'm just so happyyyyyyyyy XD XD XD So, since it's more on the expensive side, I want to make sure I bought things I would wear everyday. For the money I spent on them, I wanna make sure I get til the very last use of them! Haha!
MAC Pro Long Wear Soft Ochre Paint Pot. Watching a lot of Nikkie Tutorials videos has brain washed myself to want this as my eyeshadow base so bad instead of the infamous Urban Decay Primer Potion. I love they ways she wears her eyeshadow so then my mind told me to follow whatever product she uses regularly. And another surprising thing was, Nikkie was actually retweeted my tweet! OMFG. The day I bought these MAC product was such a great day!
MAC Mineralize Concealer in NC20. I originally went for the MAC Pro-Long Wear Concealer but they ran out of it. The nice beauty consultant offer me this and I thought I'll just give it a try.

I was attending a Clinique Event at the end of the month. They held a small self make over competition there and surprise surprise, you're reading the first winner's blog right here! Hehe.. I'm soo happy, I never won any makeup competition before. Eventhough there weren't so much participant, maybe like around 15 but the price are definitely a bomb! I won the Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Extra & Clinique Chubby Stick in 01 Richer Raisin. I also get an extre souvenir to bring home. The orange box with samples inside.

A little hint: I'm gonna do a giveaway soon for the Clinique's orange box with mini samples inside, along with other products I'll bee getting soon. Hit the subscribe button to ensure you'll be notified once the giveaway post is up! Until then, see y'all later folks!

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  1. Ah kapan hari udah pegang2 Bioderma yang kecil pas di Guardian, nggak nyangka harganya mahal juga yakk :O Di sini nggak ada Watson >.<!

    Oh ya, MAC Paint Pot beli di counter kah Van? Berapa kalo di konter? Nungguin Maybelline (si dupe-nya) kayaknya nggak masuk2 sini hufft! -_-" Jadi pengen hajar MAC aja sekalian #sokkaya :p

    Eh itu si Secret Clean aku juga sempet semprot2 di Hypermart, tapi baunya kok ga ada yg enak yah? :/ Paling mending ya varian ini emang. Karena baunya nggak terlalu suka, aku nggak jadi beli hahahaha

    1. Iya kan si bioderma harganya bikin kesel! Hahaha

      Iya di konter nin, kemaren sih kalo gak salah 270. Beti sih kayanya kalo sama PO berubung dollar lagi mehong. hahahaha..

      Iya wangi lainnya nyegrak banget dan manis, gue juga gak suka. Yang ini karena greentea jadilah gue ambil. hahaha

    2. Ehmm lagi males ikut PO hahaha Tapi aku pertimbangin deh kalau harganya segitu, kirain nggak lebih dari 200 -_-" Dollar-nya $15 kalo ga salah, di-Rupiah-in jadi segitu yak :/

  2. Haul nya bikin mupeng van.... Huhuhuhu.. Btw, itu free pocket size Sensibio nya beli dimana van??

    1. Beli di Watson Karawaci Mbak Dine, tapi skrg promo yg ini udah abis, tinggal diskon kecil-kecilan ajaa hehehe

  3. wah..!! aku juga pengen beli MAC sama Batista nih. by the way nail pixy nya bagus ga warnanya =)

    1. Iya si pixy bagus-bagus warnanyaa.. murmer pulaaa hihi

  4. Van emang baptiste dry shampoo nya ada yg jual di toko di Indo ya? mau info tokonya dongg

    maaciw yaa

    1. batiste ada mel di pasar baru banyakk.. Gue sih biasanya belinya di Arwanii..

    2. Ah iyaa, aku juga baru tau kalo ada di sini udahan. Kirain harus PO :D

    3. dulu sempet abis gitu nin ampe muter-muter gak ada yang punya stock ampe akhirnya belakangan ini kayanya baru di restock lagii

    4. aku juga baru tau kalau udah beredar di toko lokal >.< Kirain PO aja :D


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