Office Lippies

Having a dry office room really bothers me as the back of my hands and my lips are always peeling off of its place. I have been wearing these Revlon Lip Butters in Candy Apple, Berry Smoothie, & Sweet Tart non stop and they litteraly the only lip products I keep on top of my desk. Other than how pretty they are with the quilted cap that match with the actual color, I really love how the instantly this Revlon Lip Butter hydrates my lips while giving me full but at the same time kinda transparent color. They glides on very smoothly and very creamy but not a full on, in your face kinda creamy. Its texture lends more towards to lipbalm with a very strong color pay off. It is such a very comfortable product to wear. The color are buildable and swiping it too much will not create a lipstick build up, instead, they create a very nice plump looking lips with a healthy shine, even when I'm applying it on my dry and cracked lips. The shapes are also a big thing as the slanted tip makes it easy to draw a nice line along my lips. I also like to mix and match these 3 colors and they are easy to blend to each other.
Revlon Colorburst Lipbutter - Candy Apple. I like to wear this when I want to look professional and more mature, but mostly in times where I'm getting lazy to do anything drastic to my eyes. This is such a saver on those lazy days.
Revlon Colorburst Lipbutter - Berry Smoothie.  Surprisingly a very natural lip color when paired with black outfits and eye makeup! I love wearing it on my darkest days when I just want to grab monochromatic eyes and shirt, this color makes the overall dark combo looks natural without being too gloomy.
Revlon Colorbirst Lipbutter - Sweet Tart. A pretty bubble gummy pink that actually complements my yellow skin tone. I wear this mostly on days when I want to look sweet and in that girly girl mode.


  1. Gw menyesal ga beli ini pas kemaren buy1get1 di matahari. Menyesal sungguh menyesal. T.T


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