Dine With Me: Siomay Pink!

Yep! You read that correct! A pink siomay?? Yes, Pink! So, it is a rare moment for me and le boyfriend to have a full day together because of our clashing work schedule. This holiday we finally have time together and we will make the best out of it! He suddenly popped up the idea to try the famous pink siomay. I've seen it in online media & television about this pink siomay, but haven't got the chance to see it my self. For those of you who don't know about this pink siomay, you can visit their website here. Shortly, the creator of this pink siomay was once a succesful siomay seller, he even had a kiosk in one of the middle-high mall in Jakarta and had taken a contract with a fast food restaurant to supply siomay to their chain store. A very succesful man indeed, but then he got a divorce and his wife wouldn't let him meet their children. He then gone bankrupt from stress and went straight homeless. After a few years he finally get back to his feet and made this pink siomay to get the fame so he could find his daughter. Now he had multiple chain store for his siomay business instead of bicycles. Of course the all pink attire from head to toe is an eye catching view, but the story behind is what makes this pink siomay went viral. 

They color the pink siomay with beet root so it's safe and you don't have to worry about the scary bright pink fuschia on your siomay.Other than the pink siomay, the rest are just regulars. I ordered the pink & regular siomay, potato, siomay tofu, and fish cake. I would say that the pink siomay is softer and saltier than the original siomay. The original is more chewy in texture, but my boyfriend thinks its just the same thing with different color. For the peanut sauce, I think it's a little bit too salty and sweet for my liking but my boyfriend says it's okay but it's so spicy. He can't eat spicy food so he ate the whole thing with sweats as much as a marathon runner. Hahahahaha. Oh, and that bottled tea over there? It's like the best sweet tea, like, EVAAARRR! The sweetness are just on the right amount and it doesn't stuck in my throat, which is a really nice thing! And its cheaper than its other competitor too! What a perfection..

Overall the taste are okay, nothing like over the top. It really is become viral because of the gimmick. I personally rather eat somewhere else and wouldn't go back because I don't have any special bond to it. And a little side note, my dad is a very, very great cook so I find it hard to find a very good restaurant that can compete with my dad's home cooked meal, expensive or sidewalk stall. If there's nothing like a super great taste or super great atmosphere or super great service, I might just wouldn't come back. And this one is a no for me. The siomay and his friends are priced for IDR 9.000/pcs. I think it's kinda waste to buy a slice of cabbage for that price don't you think? And I don't think the taste is worth the money, but if you're buying the story and appreciate the effort to make the pink themed stall, then it might be okay.

Other than that, I kinda like the place. I like they put a lot of thoughts to put all the thematic pink all together eventhough it's not like the bomb.com. But it's nice to see an idea could still came true with some creativity on hand.

Address: JL. Tentara Pelajar, No. 48, 12210, Indonesia
Phone: 021 - 92425380


  1. lucuuk banget van XD
    aku tau ttg siomay pink inii..dulu prnh liat acaranya di TV.. ternyata skrg uda ga keliling an lagi?

    1. mungkin masih ada kali yah, aku juga gak pernah liat sih pas sepedanya keliling. Terus pas aku makan ada yang punyanya naik motor.. udahan kali dia capek ngegowes XD

  2. baru tau ada siomay pink <3 tp lebih penasaran cobain teh botolnya sih van huahahaha.. kapan2 mau beli ah :P

  3. iiih, kelihatannya ga enak banget. Bikin sakit mata ah makan disitu.


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