Strong Eyes

FACE // Revlon Photoready Concealer in Light // Rivera Blush On
EYES // Sariayu Eye Makeup Kit // Wardah Eyeshadow in I series
            // My Darling Eyeliner // Make Over Black Eyeliner Pencil
LIPS // L'Oreal Color Riche in Dewy Beige

You know, there's something about hijab that I really like. I can capture some modesty and a humble personality covered in prettily styled pashmina or scarf in a hijab wearer. I personally don't like to wear clothes that show a lot of my skin's surface, I'm just not comfortable in such an outfit. I love to take inspiration from stylish hijabers, because they make styling modest pieces seems easy and laidback but still looking really great in it. While being an admirer still, I took an inspiration and make my own take on a perfect makeup for hijab. The middle eastern feels really strong as a first impression eventhough basically any look will go nicely if paired with the right styling. My favourites are strong brows and eye makeup, it is such a complimentary statement look for hijab, they just look seemlessly pretty. As usual, I'm keeping the rest of my face to natural and let the eyes speak for the others.


  1. Vani aku pikir tadi siapa haha, cantik banget lho ^0^
    Kenapa gak ada tutorialnya? :p

    1. Ini belom mandi langsung maen2,eh bagus.. jadi gak gak bikin tutorialnya deehh :p

  2. wahhh km cakeep bgt van pake hijab *eh serius g ngegombal xD

  3. mukamu berbeda sekaliii.. tapi tetep cantik :)
    suka sama make up matanya ^^

  4. woooh. jadi semacem Lebanese look gituu. Cakep.

  5. setuju sama Robert! Semacam orang asia timur jadinya. hahaha

  6. keren banget makeupnyaaa......

  7. Van.. bold banget deh mata kamu.. cucoook abis.. aku mau cobaa juga.. hihihi..

  8. Hi Vani..
    Cakep banget sih makeup matanya ^^ Btw, nice to meet you!


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