[REVIEW] Marcks' Venus Cleansing Gel

I'm getting interested with cleansing product more and more lately since I make my self use my long forgotten Viva Cleansing Milk & Toner. I love the toner but I hate that the milk cleanser always makes my skin feels iritated during the massaging process.  So, when I stumble upon this article, I immediately knew I will purchase this Marcks' Venus Cleansing Gel no matter what!

I'm sold at the "Aqua Cool Gel" statement. Instantly I knew this will give me such a nice feeling while cleansing my face. It is meant to use like a milk cleanser, but it has this very unique water base gel texture, made for oily skin. I've heard so much about gel moisturizer or facial wash for oily skin type but not a cleanser! When I use it, I can feel that cooling effect they're talking about. It feels calming and nice on my skin after a whole day of activities. I like how it doesn't sting my skin like other milk cleanser do. I massage it for quite a while to see how my skin will react, but nothing happen except a comforting cooling sensation.

When applied the gel texture feels slimy and kinda slippery. I can feel it's hard to remove my makeup just massaging it by hands only. So I like to apply the product all over my face and massage it briefly and then I'll continue rubbing using tissues or wet sponge. The texture from tissues and sponge really helps to take off all my makeup. After rinse I can feel my face is so clean and so refreshed, unlike when using a regular milk cleanser where I feel my skin is so heavy and sticky that I need to quickly wash my face with some facial wash.

Left to right: Etude BB Cream, Revlon Photoready Concealer, Viva Eyebrow Pencil, Inez Eyeliner Pencil, My Darling Eyeliner, Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, Maybelline Lip Polish.

For the photos above I massage it by hand only and wash it off with water only. Stupid me I took this picture before I realize the use of tissues or sponge are crucial for using this product and then I get too lazy to take another picture. HAHA XP

But you can tell it removes almost all of the makeup I put there. It's not completely took off the eye products in the first try but did it at the second time I use it. When used in my face, I need to use it twice if I'm wearing any base like foundation, bb cream, etc but only need once if I only went for concealer + powder combo during the day. It does remove all of my shadow and liner but not my mascara, plus it takes quite a while of massaging before my mascara starts to melt down with the gel. It stings my eyes of course when I accidentally get it inside my eyeballs and it was not a pleasant feeling. But I always remove my eye makeup first with eye & lips makeup remover then using any makeup wipes or face cleansing product after for the rest of my face, so it's not a problem for me. 

I love how this cleansing gel is using tube container so I don't have to struggle with an upside down bottle displayed on my vanity top as it almost run out. The tube material is very sturdy and exclusive looking feeling too!

I bought this at Hypermart for IDR 22.000. I didn't see any toner it mention in the back of their tube but I'm very interested to get the toner too since I experience a great time with this cleansing gel!


My overall view on the Marcks' Venus Cleansing Gel:
(+) Interesting gel texture
(+) Leaves a comforting cooling sensation after use
(+) Feels really light and refreshed after rinse
(+) Nice packaging
(+) Doesn't sting my skin
(+) Easy to use
(+) Easy to carry

(-) Gel is kinda slippery so it need an extra tool to completely removes the makeup. But this is not a bad thing la I think, other cleansing milk needs a tissue or wet sponge to remove it anyway.


And that's it! Do you have any interesting cleansing product too?


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