Have You Use Your Vote Today?

After a long campaign on both side of the parties, we came down today to use our vote for the person we have faith on. I must admit, this years president candidates has made me pay more attention to find out about who they are and their histories. As a free hippie I tend to choose the one that more likely to give us freedom of speech & act. I can't live prisoned in strict rules!

I crossed my finger for my pick to win, but whoever get the most vote, may he rule this country for the better.

Any idea on who I put my faith on? :p


  1. Tauu. Pasti si anu! Iya kan? hohoho. Dmi rupiah yang lebih baik, mari coblos si anu! :D btw, itu kutek apa van? gw lagi nyari biru yang begitu.

    1. Iya betuull!!!
      Itu revlon colorstay indigo night, lagi buy 1 get 1 di matahari sari!

  2. suka kuteks nyaa #salahfokus



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