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Eyeliner has always been a staple for me, but I never really attracted to any pen eyeliner because I think they won't perform as good as a good ol' liquid liner. I first tried the Clio & Maybelline to see how they work and the result are just a justification about my perception about them. After trying those two, I never really get attracted to any pen liner. But then my job is kinda "force" me to try liquid eyeliner pen for research so then I remember seeing this Mizzu Eyeliner Pen all over the internet with good reviews, so why not give it a try. It's cheap anyway so I got nothing to loose.

They came with a plastic individual box, which for their price is a one very thoughtful piece to add. Not necessarily needed but it build the overall image for a better result and formula. And since they're new to the market, it's a great step to build trust on the brand.

Mizzu Eyeliner Pen is from a local Indonesian brand and it claims to be waterproof. A claim I have a very very high standard on and never believe any cheap product will ever accomplish. They have two color to choose, black & brown, another thoughtful step and revolutionary for a local product. Fanbo & Mirabella produce eyeliner pen too but they just have black and the packaging have that "old school" feel on them. While Mizzu have this modern & simple packaging where consumer would enjoy and proud to wear, despite their cheap price tag.

Both have a felt tip as the applicator and dispense the product nicely. But one thing I'm sure you're noticing too, is that the felt tip is not in uniform. I get taller on the black and shorter on the brown. Anyone get this to on your Mizzu Eyeliners? But I enjoy more using the black one as the shorter tip makes it a bit harder to see my mirror while applying. But still easy to use nonetheless. I just like how they have a very pointy tip and get larger on the bottom because it makes it easy to draw either thick or thin line on my lid. And the pointy tips really helps me to get a sharp edge on my winged eyeliner.

When applied the color glides on smooth and evenly. For the black I just have to use a few strokes to get a great opacity but the brown one needs a multiple layers to get an opaque color. I put them under a high pressured running water and as you can see the black is about half gone after around 15 second while the brown one stays in a good condition, I say maybe about 20% are gone under the water. I then tried to smudge it while they're wet and the black one just need one swipe to smudge almost completely and the brown remain still. Just for this test only I know I like the brown's formula better.

I then bring it on my daily activities. I don't wear any eyeshadow and mascara to see how this eyeliner will do on their own. I only use my usual concealer & powder beneath it. I didn't touch it all day during my activities. I like the finish of it. It's not matte but not shiny either like other local eyeliners usualy have. For both brown and black I can say they stay put all day with only a very little smudging under the eye because I was intentionally put it there to see how they will survive. You can still even see my sharp edge after 17 hours! Wow! Despite the fact that the black one was really easy to smudge on while wet but this Mizzu Eyeliners can stay on my oily lids without primer, like, the whole day! I was very surprised with this. It is even very easy to clean this up. It can be wiped off easily with water or using facewash only, no hassle at all!

I bought this at Jopankar Kosmetik on facebook for IDR 25.000/pcs. You can easily found it everywhere from kaskus, facebook, instagram, and any other online store. I don't really know where to buy it offline though, maybe like on a beauty supply store they have it. But we are internet people, why buy offline if we can get it online? Heheh.

So, here are my conclusion about this Mizzu Eyeliner Pen:
(+) Cheap
(+) Easy to use
(+) Convinient felt tip applicator
(+) Applied nice and smoothly
(+) Simple & nice packaging
(+) Minimum smudging
(+) Stays all day
(+) Great color pay off (for black)
(+) Easy to wash off

(-) Need multiple layer to get nice opacity (for brown)
(-) Hard to find on offline stores


Well then, see you around, people!


  1. Lipetan matamu, Van~ Aku mauuuuuu~ #eh

  2. Aku mau beli ah~ Bener banget van kata lu dollywink jelek. Jelek banget. Masa gw pake sebelom bobo, trus bangun tidur uda lenyap ga bebekas. Eh malah oot.:p

    1. Eh tapi gue juga udah nyobain dolly wink, kali ini nyobain di mata gue sendiri, bajuuss!!! hahahaaha malah tahan lama banget di gue, lebih tahan dan lebih pekat dibanding si mizzu!

    2. masa sih? duuh, gw jadi galau. Batal ngelego deh kl gt. Gw cobain pake lagi. hahaha

  3. Good review, but I dissapointed with Mizzu in black eyeliner pen, I try it for first time, not pigmented and dry. I prefer to choose Dolly Wink as one of my HG eyeliner

    1. It seems like they have a very low quality control on their product, same thing happen for elf cosmetics. I guess with cheaper price like that they don't pay much attention to their quality control so people will get either good stuff or a bad stuff depending on their luck. I hope they can keep it up because it's nice to have cheap and great product around :D


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