Pampering time!

As per usual, day off means pampering time for me and it should have to you too! As far as my concern goes, I always think preventing is always, in any way, better than healing. Instead of going to doctor to remove all of my tauco (a.k.a sun spot) I'm better off applying moisturizer, lotion, serum, or any kind of nutrition for my skin before it happens. 

In the era of DIY, there's so many small business companies making products on their own using organic and natural ingredients which is always a great plus. We as Indonesian have so many natural recipes for masks & scrubs supported by our local natural recources who has so many benefit to our health & beauty. We can easily get it at the nearest traditional market, fresh from the ground, but let us all take a deep breath and admit to ourself that we're such a lazy ass to regularly buy a lot of things and than processing it before we can finally use it on our skin. Having to know there are people who sell this instant things all with natural goodness will always be a nice solution.

About a month ago, Roro Mendut sent me a whole bunch of body scrubs and masks for my face and body. Since it'll be too long to review 'em all in one post, I'm gonna break it into 2, which divided into this first part contain an all over body care and the second part contain more specific scrubs and mask for certain part of our body. To be honest, I've never heard about Roro Mendut before they contacted me and ask me to review their products. But after I saw their website and looking at their nicely designed packaging, I'm getting really excited to try and tell you guys about it. But judge me not my dear friend, I'll tell you what I think as is and none are sugarcoated. :)


It is very easy to use, just mix it with water, stir well, apply to skin, wait until half dry and then buff it in circular motion. When applied, I use a mask brush, I can feel the mixture is very smooth and calming, almost feel like a gel moisturizer with thicker consistency. Right off the bat, I can say it feels very expensive. 

It also smells very pleasant. At first it reminds me of coffee soap but after a few sniffs I can smell other things beside coffee, maybe it's the rest of the ingredients but it's very calming. While buffing I feel the scrub is a little bit chunkier than a modern kind of scrub, almost felt like sugar but very gentle. 

This scrub can be used for face and body. After rinse I can really feel my skin is really soft, smooth, moisturized, I can't stop touching it! I can also see that my skin is getting brightened. So far, I'm very satisfied with the result!


Texture & smell are both very similar to the scrub, very pleasant and satisfying. It is meant to use together, so after using the Royal Black Spice Scrub, we can optimizing the result by using this masks. The difference in usage is you don't have to buff it, just wait it for 15-20 minutes to dry completely and then rinse it off.

But, there's some major thing I don't like from this masks is it doesn't make my skin feels as smooth as the scrub. My skin feels keset, like the feeling you get when you use a regular body soap. not the finish I'm expectng from a mask. I'd rather use the scrub alone than using it together. I think that the scrub is giving me a better result.


 Same old texture but different scent. I can't really tell what it is, it smells traditional but kinda flowery and sweet, I don't know what  it is, but the smell reminds me of an exotic spa house with all the wooden furniture and frangipani flower all over the place. It smells very calming and relaxing. 

Scrubbing agent are the same with the Royal Black Spice Scrub, feels a bit chunky like sugar but gentle.

After rinsing and still wet, it doesn't give a smooth slippery surface but feels very moisturizing. After my skin dries it feels so soft and smooth. The smells also lingers for quite a while which very great. Somehow I became more calm and relax, a very nice bonus!


All these 3 are actually giving a smells that lingers and calming. I like the smell so much I sniff it right from the packaging. Even when I first receive and open it, the smell is filling up my room right away!

Now it is a tie between the Royal Black Spice Scrub & the Javanese Royal Wedding Scrub. Both have a very nice scent and after feel but I think I pick the Royal Black Spice Scrub as the winner for my love for coffee. But the Javanese Royal Wedding Scrub is nice to use sparingly in times where I need an extra boost to calm my thoughts. As for the Royal Black Spice Mask, I'm not a really big fan of just because the finish doesn't feel right for me.

Price for Roro Mendut's body care:
Roro Mendut Lulur Rempah Hitam (Royal Black Spice Scrub): Rp 75.000,-/5 pcs
Roro Mendut Masker Rempah Hitam (Royal Black Spice Mask): Rp 75.000,-/5 pcs
Roro Mendut Lulur Manten Keraton (Javanese Royal Wedding Scrub): Rp 120.000,-/6 pcs

You can easily find Roro Mendut on their:

Or directly contact them trough:
SMS/WhatsApp: 0853 2662 4101

And that is the end of the first part of the review, I'll get back with the second part soon!

Meanwhile, if you are interested in any of their product you can directly contact them, the owner is very friendly and communicatives. And as always, don't forget to tell them you know it from me! Spread the lov everybody! Tee hee!


  1. Hiyaaa ud lama bgt ga comment. >_<
    Wihhh banyak bgt yaaa perawatan tubuhnya sampe buat ke**k pun adaa.. Jd penasaran buat coba ^^

    1. ERNA KEMANA AJAAAA??? Gue pikir lu sudah tidak mau main ke rumah gue lagii T^T hahaha

      Iya bagus nih wanginya enak-enak pula!

  2. Hah, ada mask buat selulit sama boobs juga??? :0
    Biasanya kalo yg tradisional wangi nya jamu gitu, kadang abis dicuci pake air jg masih nempel :/ kalo ini wanginya enak ya?


    1. Beuh yang ini mah wanginya enak deh mitch! Kalo ada body lotionnya gue juga mau deh hahahaha.

      Adaa, tapi kayanya harus pake jangka panjaaaaaaaaaannnggg sekaliiiii baru keliatan hasilnya~


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