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Now that I spend most of my time in the office, I've been playing around with products and looks to define my office look. It all started when I try to be as natural as possible when having my interview and I really loving the natural, glowing from within skin kinda look, so that's what I bring up until now. For a side note, I always love the look of healthy glowing skin, the one where you can't really tell wether I'm wearing makeup or not, so you could say it's actually not very far from what I normally wear but just more put together and polished all over.

Etude House Magic Any Cushion
One thing to keep in mind for office makeup is the longevity. I love this base from Etude for the way it makes my foundation still looking nice and even through out the day. 

Revlon New Complexion shade Golden Beige
The best color match from all the foundation I have. The texture is very liquidy and thin so it's nice for an everyday usage. It gives enough color to evens out my skin tone and sets off with a dewy and skin like finish, which what I love the most. Oil Control, I can say its in so-so level, it doesn't really great nor really bad. Cause when I'm working my face just produce so much more oil, maybe from the stress? Haha, I don't know, my job is not that stressful to be honest.

Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral Concealer
I like to use a concealer thats lighter than my skin color to highlight my under eye and all the high points on my face. I find it very useful and an easy way to cheat your way to a flawless looking skin. Plus this particular concealer has a great formula which easily blend into my skin.

Marcks Beauty Powder shade Creme
My holy grail setting powder of all time. I found that when I'm using the Revlon New Complexion + Marcks combo I can really get away from shine a lot more longer. I've tried it in my sister when she was attending a wedding party, you know those photobooth that's quite popular during events right now, that you get the print out instantly? Those photobooth tends to make our faces looks extra oily, but I use this combo on my sister and she just looks so matte with a little shine on the nose only while her two friends looking like a grease ball. I tried this too and boy o boy, I was looking pretty matte and flolesss.

Shu Uemura Glow On Blush shade P Pink 30
My go to blush for a natural looking cheek flush. It's pink with a little hint of coral, making it really natural and office friendly. It has a tiny bit of shimmer, giving me a soft glow without looking like a disco ball.

For the eyes I like to make it really simple and just put together. I'm in one of those phase where I just don't feel good when I can see obviously that I'm wearing makeup. I want to look as plain as possible. Just a fresh and defined looking eyes.

Fanbo Fantastic Eye Brow Pencil shade Brown
As far as my love for Korean Inspired eyebrow, I'm no longer fancy a thick drawn Eyebrow. I like to sport a very natural looking eyebrow where you can still see my hair strands. I use an eyebrow pencil and fill in any gap in my eyebrow without over drawn them.

ELF Eyebrow Treat & Tame
To enhance my hair strands I now like to use a browcara so it look thicker and clearer. I love this browcara from ELF because it doesn't make my eyebrow feels hard but it definitely helps with keeping them stay in place. This also have fibres in it to help thicken my eyebrow. Talkin' about multifunctionality.

Viva Perfect Shape Liquid Eye Liner
All I need is a black liquid eyeliner to thinly line my top lash line. No wing, no nothing.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler - Gold
To be honest, I don't feel any special when using this oh-so-hyped eyelash curler. But it's what I got in hand and it's in gold. My perfect color of choice. Then, so be it.

Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof
Loving this more than my Maybelline The Falsies, but this is not available in my country. It lengthen, thicken, and hold the curl for my straight down lashes for the whole day. Only donwside is that this smudge a bit eventhough I don't do anything like crying or anything.

As for lips I most likely will go bare with only a lipbalm to keep them moisturize. There are times where my lips just turn to pale for reasons I don't know why, then I would choose any lip color I find interesting and matched with my mood that day.

The key to this look is wearing the right foundation. Find the one that match your skin the best and gives a nice looking dewy finish. Eventhough I have an oily face, I still prefer to use a dewy foundation and just blot through out the day. I find it as the most comfortable way to look natural while still using makeup to enhance your prettyness. Another thing is, the lights in the office area are dull and washes of our face's color, so using a great foundation with a little tweak here and there will definitely help you. (and cut those extra time you  would rather use to sleep)

So, what's your office friendly makeup products?


  1. Shu-nya uda patah ya van tutupnya?

    1. gak patah sih, cuma oglek gitu, yang dodol kancingan buat ngancinginnya ituu haha

  2. waaaahh pengen lihat km review yg elf lbh completeny vani <3 tp van klo pake elf hasilny lebih natural ya n lebih enak makeny ktmbg make pensil alis ? aq ngrasa g enak make pensil alis alisku kadang nyantol di pensilny T.T

    1. haha.. oke nanti-nanti di review yaa.. hihi..
      hah? kamu pake pensil alis apa ne?? Gahar bet same nyangkut itu alis di pensilnya.. hahha

  3. hi salam kenal.
    nice post :)

    it would be great if you could put your office make up look ^^

    1. Dan yang ada hanya satu alasan klasik, males.. hahahaah

      Salam kenal juga aulia :D

  4. Great Lashnya aku naksir. Cuma ga dapet yg ini, waktu itu adanya yg clear. Hiks... Kamu beli di mana ini?

    btw aku nomnate kamu untuk Sunshine Blogger Award yak.
    Check out post nya di siniiii

    1. Waktu itu dapetnya kayanya di Facebook yang group new & preloved makeup kayanya. hoki banget ini juga dapet harga murah. hihihihi :3

      Thank you for the nomination esy! X)

  5. Yay! Akhirnya blogger favorit gw ini mule sering ngepost yg baru office friendly makeup products are marcks powder, maybelline concealer, n TFS lip tint (ga buat bibir kering kerontang kek liptint etude)

    1. min, kamu itu siapa sih jadi penasaran. hahaahahah
      gue masih agak kurang tertarik sama tint-tintan entah mengapa, gak napsu pengen nyobanya juga hahaha.. Nice info btw!

  6. Bedak Marcks itu emang ajaib ya. Dulu pas ABG underestimate itu bedak, sekarang suka bangettt lolll. Cuma gue ga bawa pergi2 abisnya pas dibuka berantakan minta ampun. Btw, EH magic any cushionnya klo yg kecil gitu dapet sponge nya ga van?

    1. Samaaa.. Kalo gak baca female daily mah kaga bakall nyobain dahh.. hahaha..
      Adamitcy, tapi sponge biasa, kecil banget lagi. Jari gue sampe keram makeinnya buat 1 muka. haahahah


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