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Woohoo, day off!! Promising my self about not to bring any work home because I need some time off my job. It's not overwhelming, there's just so many things to do. I've experienced 2 times brain block, I just couldn't think of anything right to do, so I just sat there and spaced out. With that in mind AND how I almost neglect my blog for not having not so many free time, I decided to take the day off for granted. Which mean, getting lost in the virtual world.

A few weeks ago I went to a makeup class with bo.ho cosmetics. They brought here by Beauty Box, the same shop that brought us Glam Glow Mud Mask & Oscar Blandi.

To be honest, I've never heard anything about the brand. It's apparently a French brand with a green concept. They're combining the beauty of science, true glamour, & naturalness. They were taking the philosophy of bohemian chic which are urban, free spirited, bold & always in a search for a meaning.

Well just from the name itself I already knew that they are using the bohemian style as their inspiration. I always love bohemian style, I love the vibe they're giving. Live carefree and natural. I too want to live carefree but I'm too clumsy to take that as my motto. I prefer to adjust my self somewhere between bohemian and classic, effortlessly chic with a touch of the flower power. Uw yess I feel so much like a fashion blogger right nao, defining my style. HAHAHAHA~

Ok now back to topic. I like the concept of this Beauty Box, it's like a department store for anything related to beauty. They got skincare, makeup, perfume, and anything in between. The whole store was decorated in a simple & modern way, by the look you know their price is middle up but the way they use wooden box to display their product, ground the look together and make it more approachable.

bo.ho got their own visual display in the middle of the store, guess it's because they're the newest product on the house so it got it's own special place. The actual display are made from cartboard, keeping it with their bohemian natural concept. Looks great though, looks like a DIY but in a professional way, a bit of hipster-ish, which I like.

The beauty class is actually held on inside their store. They manage to squeeze in some seats and vanity prettily in there.

Session starts with an opening speech from this Madame as the Head Trainer for Beauty Box Indonesia.

Before the beauty class. I wore a very thin makeup because I know I'll be wiping it off again to try all these new product I've never heard of.

I can't snap what I wore during the beauty class because it is so packed. I can only show you the damage.

The mess to create a beauty.

After the beauty class. Well, maybe I can't call it a beauty class, it's more of a trying new product session. Because we just drown ourself with all the goodies and didn't even follow the instruction. Hahaha.

And here's all the product they have:

Starting from their base makeup, they got foundation, compact powder, loose powder, concealer, blusher, & bronzer which they called "Terra Cotta".

They got a lot of eyeshadow color for you to choose on, they got mascara and liquid liner. They got black, blue, & brown both for mascara & liner. 

Brushes and multi function pencil. It can be used on both lips and eyes.

They also have an eyebrow pencil, lipstick & lip gloss that I don't have the photos. Their pencil were shaped short because they don't use any chemical preservative on all of their product. So it is design to finish fast and just so we don't keep it for a long time because lord knows how long do we keep our makeup items.

And of course they gave us a very pretty goodie bag to bring home. I love that box with rose on top. It just feel so nice & chic! hihihi

I got eyeliner pencil, eyeshadow, foundation, and a lip gloss. So far I'm liking their eyeshadow for the pigmentation, texture, & easy blending. And the lipgloss for the opaque glossy color and smell! It smells like lime! I never smell any lip product so fresh like this.

A straight up downside I can tell is all of their packaging are made from paper. At first it looks different and very natural, but because it look so much like paper, it's too look like a sample product instead of a finished good.

You can find Beauty Box at Kota Kasablanka Mall, Grand Indonesia East Mall, Summarecon Mall Serpong, Kalibata City, Mal Kelapa Gading, & Trans Studio Makasar.

Have you ever try this brand or even ever heard of it? Let me know!


  1. lip glossnya bagus banget! Range harganya berapaan van?

    1. rangenya 150-250 sarii.. Iya gue juga suka bet itu bagus juga warnanyaaa

  2. Picture spamming nya menggoda banget, naksir pensil birunyaaa!

  3. duh I really want to try><


  4. Nice review.. ;)
    Beberapa kali baca blog teman yang lain suka membahas Bo Ho ini. Pas di cek ke Beauty Box ternyata harganya lumayan juga.


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