Korea in Winter - Jeju Teseum Safari

I love K-drama, I love K-Pop music, style & makeup, but I'm not a die hard core fans. I love Korea in general but never have I tought visiting this beautiful country really makes me fall in love with the whole atmosphere.

I went there in December which means WINTER!! Arrgghhh!! It's been a long dream to feel what it's like to live in cold winter month covered in snow. Haven't got the chance to feel a heavy snow rain but seeing with my self an actual snow fell down from the sky, dancing slowly heading towards the ground and then melt away gracefully is very very touching. :')

I went with my mom, sis, bro & cousin. Our first destination is Jeju Island. I never heard about it but apparently it's a very popular destination for tourist, local or internationally. They got beach and mountains all in reachable distance (very true it was so fast moving from 1 place to another).

To reach Jeju Island from Jakarta, we have to land at their international airport in Incheon, take our bags and move to Gimpo International Airport which is more of their local hub airport and then fly to Jeju.

But before leaving Seoul we had our lunch at a tourister restaurant near the Incheon Airport.

bro, cousin, me

sis & mommy

It was covered in snow outside our restaurant, our guide said we were lucky because in Seoul, even in winter there are sunny days and snow days. We arrived just in time when its snow days. It's just so pretty and calming looking at all this snow. Eventho I was freezing but I was so happy XD

After we ate, we went to the Gimpo Airport to wait for our plane to Jeju. While waiting there were a little family with 2 little very cute daughter who can't stop chattering and asking their mom anything they can think of. They're soo cute and adorable. I feel like inside a K-drama for any reason. Hahaha~

After we arrive at the Jeju Island, we stopped by at The Mysterious Road. Why is it called "Mysterious"? It's because, in an uphill road, any moving vehicle will go up the hill even with the engine off. Even our very big bus move and it feels awesome! hahaha *such a happy tourist*. Up there in the picture is our local guide. Our group is so big, it was divided into 2, so each group has 1 tour guide, 1 local guide, & 1 photographer. The lady in all black carrying bag was my group's local guide, while the psy looking oppa was the other group's local guide. They were so funny! They talk about everything and they laughed at their own joke. Very nice people. :D

Oh, and in Korea there's no bell boy or waiter/waitress in all the restaurant. Most of the place we're staying or eating don't have them. So in Korea it's pretty much self service, even in the fast food restaurant. She said if there are people who didn't throw away their waste after eating, Koreans already know that it must be Indonesian eating! hahaha. Such a shame ._.

Was trying all the snacks from the sidewalk stall and suddenly it's snowing!!

Quickly snapped my cousin because the snow just rain a little. My guide said we were (again) so lucky because in Jeju it's very rare to have a snow rain. :")

After snacking we went to The Teseum Safari. Sadly it's not the teddy bear museum where Goong (Princess Hours) was shot. :(

But in the Goong's location we can't touch the teddy bears, so our guide decided to take us here where we can play & touch all the bears inside.

This Teddy Bear Museum is filled with so very much teddy bear in many many diorama. Of course in the entrance, the first theme is Safari, hence the name. But there are also other scenes. Just see for yourself!

Kiyaaa~ Oppaaa~~ Does my brother look like Korean? Cause he's the one who always get asked in Korean by the stewardess. hahaha.

*waiting hesitantly for my oppa to come*

*gyaa~ my oppa is heree~~*

*WHA~~ Omo, oppa, isn't it too early? //blushing//*

There's also a very cute little diorama from a certain movie scene using tiny cute little teddies. :3

After 2,5 hours exploring the Teddy Bear Museum, I'm pretty much amazed with how much effort they put to make this cute things to happen. And it's also very clean! I hadn't see any dirty teddy, they were all very pretty, handsome, & cute!

I still really want to go to the Goong Teddy Museum so bad just because I love Goong so much. I rarely fall in love in K-drama nor constantly searching for new drama series to watch. So what I already fell in love with is very dear to my heart. I hope somewhere in the future I can go back to Korea and visit that one! Hihi~


  1. ah gilaaa~ teddy semua!! Ga boleh ya umpetin satu, simpen di kantong, trus bawa pulang? :3

    1. Maunya sih gitu sari, kalo bisa bobo disono dulu sampe bosen. hahahah

  2. Pengen banget ke Teddy Bear Museum trus hug beruang2nyaaa <3<3


  3. gyaaaaa kereeen bangeet ini kan museum teddy bear yg dikunjungi sm running man <3 keyeeen vani <3 eh hidung mu g sakit ps liburan waktu winter ? waktu dd q jj di seoul ps winter dy mimisan mulu katanya >.< ohh salju jd kepengen nyentuh salju *penasaran beud kayak apa yak hihi

    1. OH yaaa?? Gue udh lama banget gak nonton running man.. huhuhuu..
      Idungnya sih engga, tapi punggung tangan gue kering retak2 sampe agak berdarah gitu ne gara-gara kering banget udaranyaaa X(

      Salju enak empuuukk gak kaya salju buatan yang di ancoll.. hahaha


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