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My oh my, with all those time I don't have to write as often as possible, saying yes to events with 3 weeks time apart still make me feel like a busy bee!

First of all, I want to say thank you for inviting me to this event because Garnier is the first skincare range I chose to wear back in the day when I was clueless about the beauty world. I feel happy and honoured to have your notice (well the PR agency's notice to be exact). 

So last monday I went to Garnier event for the launch of their new Light Complete skin care range, formulated specifically for Indonesian skin with unpredictable weather.

The event was held in the L'Oreal Head Office in DBS Tower. I sugarcoating you not, the office is very pretty! When I walk into their office I was feeling like walking in a TV commercial shoot. It is so nice, clean, modern, and sophisticated. I feel like a summer goddess with my wardrobe that night.

The flower crown is not mine tho, it's one of the props that Garnier's Team provided for taking pictures with the back drop, but I find it match my dress so much I wore it all night long to make me look much more like summer. Hahhaha

The night was opened by this duo, Mas Pandu Brodjonegoro as Garnier's Product Manager & Mbak Medina Sumendap as the PR agency representatives who invites us all to this beautiful evening. It was around 7 p.m. and I was very hungry, I'm sure that's what all the rest were feeling too. So we start with having a nice meal before heading to the main core.

Pretty food with all yellow and green color scheme. Very sweet and fresh. Despite the fact that green is my most unavoidable favourite color and yellow just get along with it almost seamlessly made me subconciously loving the scene.

After we were full and ready to take more information for the night, Mrs. Reny K. Agustia as Garnier Marketing Manager, told us about the new Light Complete range from Garnier. She said, from their research they found out that the main problem Indonesian women are having is dull skin, followed by oily skin & sun spots. We, Indonesian girls and women, would love to have a bright looking complexion and shine free skin all day. Now that sounds like my problem concluded in one heck of a paragraph. You've made me notice, but now you got my full attention right there and then.

Addressing to that conclusion, Garnier developed the Light Complete series to fulfill all the wants and needs of Indonesian women. This new formulation is suitable with Indonesia climate and can protect the skin from outdoor sunlight, make you looking bright and shine free all day.

So this formulation has 3 main ingredients to make our skin looking shine free & georgeous.
  1. 50% more Vitamin E from previous formula. It contains whitening vitamin & anti oxidant to make our skin looking more bright.
  2. Lemon Extract, to help control oils on our face and help to reducing the appearance of sun spots.
  3. UV Filter, to protect skin from the bad effect of UV light.

They also have Chelsea Islan as their new Brand Ambasador.

After a brief explanation about what the new skin care range is all about, we were given a chance to try a skin analyzer. According to this device, my skin is normally dehydrated with combination skin type, smooth skin with some large pores, and I have MUCH hidden spots to come up on my skin somewhere in the future. NOOO.. I'll be an amah-amah with a lot of tauco in her face! Argh. But no worries, I'll be ready with some full coverage foundation on hand!

While everyone else were crowding the skin analyzer, me & Nisa wander around took some narcistic picts mehehee~

With the pretty korean gal, Sasyachi!

Lookin' Oh So Georgeous~ <3

And when I was just snapping some pictures with the backdrop, the L'Oreal photographer asked to take my picture, Nisa was holding my camera and quickly took some "behind the scene" photos. I always wanted to have this kind of photos but I rarely asked someone to take my picts. So thank you so much, Nisa!! Hihi.. :3

And then after a bit more chit chater and gosips, the event is finally came to an end. Mrs. Reny was saying thank you and I really feel thank you too to Mrs. Reny & team for having this event and being so kind and appreciative to us bloggers.

And of course we got a very generous goodie bag to bring home!

For you who want to try, let me break it down for you what Garnier has improved:

  1. Garnier Light Complete Multi-Action Brightening Foam. A gentle, easy to rinse foam with lemon essence to intensively cleanse, visibly brighten & clarify skin.
  2. Garnier Light Complete Multi-Action Brightening Scrub. A gentle easy to rinse facial scrub with fine exfoliating beads and lemon essence to intensively cleanse, visibly brighten and clarify skin.
  3. Garnier Light Complete 8 Hour Shine-Free Multi-Action Whitening Cream. The improved formula, with ultra light texture, acts on dullness, dark spots, excess oil and acne marks for visibly fairer and clarified skin.
  4. Garnier Light Complete Multi-Action Whitening Cream Night Restore. The new complete whitening night cream for Garnier with potent ingredients from natural origin. Wake up fo flawless fair skin.

Have you try this new Garnier Light Complete? Whaddya think about it?


  1. love the OOTD. isi goodie bag nya banyak banget yaa *.*


  2. Awesome! Its in fact awesome post, I have goot much clear idea abkut from this post.

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  3. Vanii cakep bingit :3
    Fashionable bgt sihhhh >_<
    Vanii tinggi lu brapa? Tinggi bgt kelihatannya..
    Liad awal2 fotoo kok laperr ya makanan smua >_<

    Gyhahaha amah-amah with tauco.. >_<
    Ak ada banyak taucoooni d muka gara2 jaman SMA kena matahari molo T_T

    1. Ah makacih erna jago banget kalo muji deh aaahh~~~
      gue sih 170 cuma itu lagi pake heels, terus bedirinya sebelah Nisa, jadilah keliatan raksasa. HAHAHA

      Samaaaaaaa... dulu waktu sma juga gak peduli ngurusin muka, sekarang parno deh tar sama masa tua. X(


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