2014 Beauty Wish List - 5 Products I'm Dying To Try

Following so much beauty gurus and beauty blog across the globe have brought some damage to my mental health. The more I grew up, the more I prefer quality over quantity, especially for higher end makeup where I have to think 1000 times before buying it, "Is it worth it?". Sadly, most of the times, I postponed buying those expensive things I want to have and bought smaller, cheaper product I don't really need. I'm just happy for the fact that I have bought something, the fact that I give my money away in exchange of some random unnecessary beauty stuffs I'm not really happy with.

To makes things easier for me, I'll post a wish list of what I really want and going to wear the most. Cause you know discount or sale or anything could always put me off guard and letting go my savings for something I wouldn't use. I'll make the list from something I really want and what I should buy first when I have the cash.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
A perfect dupe or probably the better version of the infamous Beauty Blender. I've been back & forth about buying the beauty blender. When this came out I don't think it's worth it, but after seeing so many great reviews and it went viral in the beauty world, I'm hooked and really want to try one my self!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
Has been known as the better version of Revlon Colorstay, I'm dying to get this! What makes me put this on the first place is the fact that it gives a full coverage but still gives an almost dewy finish and it also doesn't feel heavy. Everything I'm looking for in a bottle of foundation.

NARS- Radiant Creamy Concealer
#EssieMadeMeDoIt Once again, another EssieButton reccomendation that makes me go out of mind since I'm a proud concealer junkie. I can't live without my concealer and I need something with good medium to full coverage, dewy finish, but will cause me no creasing what so ever. Since I've heard that Essie has such a great love for this and the fact that she repurchased it made me feel oh so sure about getting one for my self.

Lorac PRO Palette
It's not really a love at first sight kinda thing. When it first came out I think, Meh, just another Naked inspired palette. I wasn't really paying any attention to any review or swatches, I was just not tempted. But after the hype has gone down a bit, I started to see reviews and boy where have I been. They look so buttery and VERY pigmented, it also easy to blend! 

MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Light Plus
I just want my skin to look great without anyone noticing that I wear makeup. That's the ultimate beauty from my point of view. I heard some say this powder doesn't really work for oily skin, but it gives the most natural and healthy look of all from MAC. I don't mind because no matter how great the powder is, I always like to touch up everytime I look into a mirror. So a very nice, no cakey, skin looking powder would always be my best friend.

This is my top 5 list of beauty things I want to buy somewhere in 2014. I actually wanted to try MAC Select Cover Up & Pro Long Wear Concealers but but looking from this list I guess I need to hold down my self to not spulrge and pour all my little income into MAC's counter. I'm just so happy making & looking on this list. I feel more organized and getting my priority straight. Now what I gotta do is save up and buy these babies as soon as possible. It's been a while since the last time I bought a product and fell in love with it like there's no tomorrow. It's been so long since the last time staring at a product can make me smile like an idiot. I need my sparks back! 

What's your beauty wish list? Let us drool over a pict together until we can reach our dream.


  1. header barunya lucu <3
    gue malah pengennya beauty blender beneran Van T.T belom kesampeannn~



      Iya itu mesti rajin mantengin diskon mitch, biar dapet harganya gk nyesek-nyesek amatt hahahaha

  2. Vaniii wishlist lu mehong smua >_<
    Kecuali RT Sponge ajaa.. Kekny liad d olshop ga nyampe 150. Cmiiw

  3. Vannn wishlist lu mehong smuaaa.
    Kecuali RT Sponge.. Kekny prnah liad d olshop ga nyampe 150k. Cmiiw

    1. Iyaa makanya ditaro paling atas naaa.. hahahahaha
      Abis kalo gak dibikin gini abis nabung pasti kebelinya buat yang laen. ahahaha

  4. Van, your wish list menggoda banget haha
    btw, my wish list are benefit coralista, make up forever HD foundation and duo eyelash glue ;)


    1. Duo!! Baru kemaren ada diskon di luxola loch val!! Gue juga baru beli tapi belom dateng barangnyaaa hahaha


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