[REVIEW] Viva Diva Lipbalm

Another weekend means another post! Yeay!

Today I'm gonna post about another local beauty product, or skincare you might say? Take it as anything you prefer. Hehe~ I received this product around 2 weeks ago and been trying it ever since. This was given to me for a review purposes.

 I instantly fall in love with the packaging. Cute top prints and a simple see through jar with pretty color inside.

It made from natural ingredients and smells sweet like plain sugared jelly.

I was sent this 2 color, Red & Pink, but they actually has 1 more color, orange that I actually really wanted to try. But both color contains really small tint so it barely visible. I guess that orange would look the same so it's ok.

It looks very sheer on the lips, only when you look from a far you can see the difference. But in this much of a distance you can barely see any. I love the sheer color for an everyday use because my lips is very pale and this small tinge of color really helps me to look fresh, healthy and natural. I also love how they give my lips shine but not as harsh as lip gloss. Because I love shine, but I don't like the lipgloss shine. A shiny lip balm like this is my best friend.

Eventhough it contains all natural ingredients and melt when touched with my finger, but when applied it has some sort of balm-y consistency instead of straight up oily. I love how it feels on my lips!

And somehow it manage to hydrates my lips which is a sooo much win for me. What's the meaning of cute color and texture if it didn't do its true purpose? It takes time to absorbs and soften my lips, unlike my Maybelline Baby Lips that gives me instant smoothness. But I like it nonetheless.

It retails for Rp 100.000,- for 3 jar of lip balm that you can choose the color. Meaning it's only around Rp 30.000,- ish per jar, it still cheap for a quality like this!

You can contact them via
Line: .vivadiva. or
SMS: 089682983882 

Check out their instagram at @_vivadiva_

If by any chance you'd buy from them, tell 'em you know it from me! Tee hee~~

Have a great weekend, guys!


  1. there doesn't seem to have much differences between the pink and red one. jadi kayaknya kalo mau beli ini liat packagingnya aja lebih suka yg mana hihihi :P


    1. Iyah ini di poto gak nongol mitchy warnanya, kalo liat langsung sih lebih keliatan ada warnanya dikiiittt banget

  2. Sher banget ya van.Baunya gimana?

    1. Iyoy, sari. DI poto gak keliatan kalo IRLnya lebih keliatan ada beda walaupun sama2 dikit sih. hahahha..
      Baunya kaya bau ager manis gituu

  3. ohh cute pinup girl caps! :)

    hope we can follow each other :D
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    If you’d like, I’ll follow you back :) Bloggers should support each other x

  4. What a cute packaging! Warnanya juga cantik. Thanks for the review :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  5. Heyy babe! I was nominated you to an award called The Liebster, check it out!



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