RIVERA NEW PACKAGING - Blabbing & Swatch

I have a very exciting news today! Rivera has launched their new packaging & formulation to the market like, right now!

If you've read my blog enough I've done a Rivera haul a while back ago. If you haven't read that post, don't worry, this is what I bought about a year ago.

I got foundation, compact powder, eyeshadow pallete, blush pallete, and a liquid eyeliner. Their old packaging were dominated by deep navy blue color with golden accent. The inside looks almost the same like any other local beauty product.

Now they changed it still in the navy blue family but more into a shiny material. It's a lot more compact and sturdy than the previous packaging. I was really shocked when I saw it for the first time! For packaging wise it definitely can be compared to a higher end quality makeup like chanel or maybe ysl. They all have this shiny material packaging so I guess it's comparable. The foundation changed from a cheap looking bottle into a shiny thick squeeze tube. I never have their old lipstick but from their website I see it looked like Viva's lipstick packaging, looks cheap and very "local".

Won't you look at that. It looks very shiny and expensive and fancy. Ugh I love it!! With just a little bit of exception for those unflattering eyeshadow and blush on's applicator that just looks cheap. I'd rather have a full pan of blush with no applicator included cause its just a waste and maybe a plain black sponge applicator would look great in the eyeshadow quad. I really fell in love with the two way cake packaging cause it looks so beautiful.

First let's take a look at the foundation. I got one actual size and 4 other sample size. The texture feels like a thick cream but very easy to blend. I match the shade 02 Golden Yellow. So shade 01 & 02 are for yellow based, shade 03 & 04 are for pink based, and shade 05 is for darker skintone with neutral base. Coverage is light to medium, it doesn't give me enough coverage to hide my dark under eye circle and acne scars.

I got the shade 02 Ivory Beige for Two Way Cake which also match my skin as well. Texture is not buttery but not chalky, it's something in between which is ok. Coverage is light to medium.

I always love their eyeshadow for the pigmentation. It is not buttery, a bit chalky but VERY pigmented, long lasting, and easy to blend. Even brighter color like white and silver are very on point, what you see in the pan is what you get. This one is shade 02 Blue Marine

The blushes were duos as seen on my last year's haul, it is as pigmented as the new one, but it quite hard to dip my brush in there. But I like the new one better for the bigger pan. Texture feels the same with the two way cake, not buttery but not chalky either and it has a matte finish. I got this is shade 02 Blushing Rose.

The new shape is very insteresting and I never saw any local lipstick that looks like that.

I got these 2 lipsticks in shade 11 Blushing Peach which is a soft pretty pink color and shade 20 Terracotta which is a pretty deep peach color that I like so much! Terracota suits me better than Blushing Peach. Why is it even called peach if it doesn't look anything like that.._. Both is quite dry and dragging when I use it, similar to MAC's Ririwoo. Finish is cream but almost matte and it's not drying out my lips! But it has a strange chemical scent.

Woohoo I'm so excited that our local product is starting to pay more attention to their packaging. I hope someday the product quality can be as good as US drugstore makeup but still in a very affordable price. Oh and Rivera did not change their price with this new packaging and formula, so it's always a great news!

You can visit their website here to see other products they have and where they sell their product.

For right now there's only these item I have right here that's already been changed, but soon they'll gonna change more. So excited!!


  1. Wah cantik ya jadi nya hahhaa, berasa merek luar, jadi pengen nyobain juga! racun bahaya nih hahhaa
    Nice review :D

    Followed your gfc, if you don mind please follow back, Thanks :D

  2. awww.. cakep2... dulu aku cuma pernah coba blush onnya aja pas kuliah di depok.. klo gak salah di detos ada storenya sendiri.. iseng2 liat dan coba.. ternyata bagus harganya murah pula.. skrg susah di cari di daerah rumah.. pdhal pgn coba lagi..

    btw nice review

    1. Iya dia katanya lagi mau memperluas distribusinya nih.. tapi coba cek aja di jopankar kosmetik di fb say, dia ada lengkap ^^

  3. baru kali ini denger brand revira...gw pikir brand luar...soalnya packaging nya bagus banget!

    nice review ya!

    1. Iyah bagusss bangett, gak bakal nyangka deh ini produk lokal.. hihii

  4. Aku malah rekomen blush on refillnya van .. okeaan itu ketimbang lt pro apa wnw padahal harganya cuma dibawah 20 ribu :D

    1. tapii yang refill packagingnya jeleekk. *banci packaging* hahaha

  5. Warna lipstiknya bagus yah...sayang perlu diseret-seret d bibir...kemarin beli colorglide tbs yang edisi lama itu juga pakenya mesti dingesotin d bibir dlu..sebel amat dech...

    1. Iya sih bete tapi karena hasilnya matte terus warnanya cakep jadi termaafkan deh. hahaha.. Tapi coba lebih enakan dikit ngesotnya pasti lebih caen dehsss.. hahaha

  6. Aduh cakep bangettttt... pengen blush-on nya, pan-nya lebih gedai gitu jadi makin gampang applikasinya... Racun banget iih!

    1. Iya bener2!! bagus lagi natural warnanyaaaa hihihihi

  7. saya juga udah mulai pake rivera sis, jadi pengen koleksi lebih banyak nih hehe liat reviewnya sista jadi tertarik.
    coba sambil di review aplikasikan ke wajahnya dong sis.. pengen liat niih request hihi


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