[REVIEW] Shizen Gokochi Facial Soap Green Tea

I got this Shizen Gokochi Facial Soap around tuesday. I should say I never really heard anything about this product nor realizing it on the shelves. So it's fairly new to me! Good thing is, it contains green tea. Green tea is like my favourite flavour/scents around anything else! I sometimes wonder, do I like it because I like the taste or the scent or plainly because I like the color green so much? Well whatever the reason is, I'm always happy to see new products with green tea in it. Mihihi.. And it claims to be the no. 1 facial soap bar in Japan! Wow! Wether its true or not, let's just try this out, shall we?

On the back of the packaging it says it contained Green Tea Extract from Kyoto Uji Green Tea, Natural Hyaluronic Acid, Colagen, and Jojoba Oil to moisten skin. It has Althea Essence for exfoliating. It claims to brightens and smooths skin from dead cells and white heads.

From the website:

"Shizengokochi Facial Soap (Green Tea) 
Nowadays, the used of Facial Bar Soap is the first option in Japan because it didn't use any chemical process and it's safe for facial
Contains seven elements of natural treatments, left fresh and smooth sensation, and also keep the skin moisture.
1. Natural green tea extract
2. Natural hyaluronic acid
3. Natural collagen
4. Natural jojoba oil
5. Natural althea essence
6. Natural ceramide derivative
7. Natural olive squalane
Has the relaxing green tea fragrance 
Lather up net is including. Put the soap into the net, and make a plenty of foam in shortly"

Sounds very promising but does it really do what it claims? Hmm.. Before I get into that, first I'm gonna start with the packaging.

It comes in a very sturdy box with the soap wraped in a paper and a foaming net is included. I love when a product came in pack so you don't have to buy things separately.

And since it came with a foaming net, then I conclude the way to use it is like using the Menard method, which is to make a very thick foam using the net and use the foam to cleanse my face.

How I do it, first I put the soap bar into the net.

Make it wet and rub the soap and the net with both of your hands. The soap is pretty easy to lather, so you just need a few rub until you get that much foam on the net.

After that, put out the soap. Rub the net like picture shown until you get a lot of soap. Make sure you have enough water and not too much. Cause if you don't have enough it'll take way longer to lather and if you get too much water in there, the texture would be runny and that's not what we want. We want a thick foam to work with. We need it to be the size of a tennis ball. When you think it's enough, squeeze the foam out of the net.

You know it's the right texture when you can put your hand upside down and the foam stays.

The foam is so soft and I guarantee you'll love your face washing session everyday for the sake of playing with the foamball.

I know on the packaging it says to wash your face with massaging motion but I try it with the Menard way, which is to let the foam do the work for you. Make circular motion as you wash your entire face, but make sure your fingers are not touching your skin. So it's like your hand is floating on the foam. I know it might sounds weird but it does its job wonderfully!

Now about what I like about this product:

1. It has a very nice green tea scent that lingers around for quite a while after I wash my face. And since the scent is very nice then it is a good thing!

2. It makes my skin feels squeeky clean after rinsing. Some people might like that, some people don't, but I think it's okay.

3. It lathers up fairly easy and fast. I heard it can melt quite easily, too. But what I do after I get enough foam on my net, I'll just wipe the foam off the soap with my hand and put it in a soap holder with holes in it. You know what it is, it's the regular soap holder that sold everywhere. Point is, just make sure you keep the soap dry, then it'll last very long. I've used it for 4 days, twice a day, and you can still see on the (kinda) tutorial the embossment of the logo.

4. Love love love the foam texture because it's very soft and bouncy and fluffyyy >,<

5. After I rinse my face, even from the first time I used it, it makes my skin noticeably brighter! Look at my before and after picture, you can clearly see it right?? And the brightening effect is there for a long time too! I used it at night time washing routine and in the next noon I can still see that my face looks brighter! Amazing!

6. And last but definitely not the least, it helps reducing my oil. I don't know if it supposed to do that or not, but it really does! My face is, again, noticebly less oily after I used this soap. It seems like maaaggiiicccc... Cause truth to be told, never have I use any product that can reduce my oilyness until this much! Whoaahh I'm blown!!

And to the thing I don't quite like from this soap and it's only one thing:

On the first 2 days of using it, I would say it doesn't dry out my skin and it really is making my skin softer eventhough not moisten enough like the claim, but it's okay. But starting from yesterday, my skin around my nose is getting kinda rough. Today after I took photos of my before and after I can definitely tell that my skin is getting dry, not only in the nose area but all over my face. Not a very dry though, it just starting to happen, but I put my moisturizer so much and it get back to my usual skin texture.

So, overall, I really really love and recommend this product for its ability to brightens up my face and reducing my oilyness very well. But I don't like how it dries out my skin, eventhough it still can be fixed with a shit load of moisturizer. So people with oily skin might as well gonna love it but I don't recommend this to those with dry skin.

For those who want to try this product you can find it in Guardian, Grand Lucky, Metro, & Watson or you can buy it online at Sukamart.

Price may vary in every store but in Sukamart it retails for Rp 63.900,-.

This Shizen Gokochi Facial Soap is also available in Charcoal variant which I'm really dying to try cause it's the one that formulated for oily skin and reducing oil on face.

"Shizengokochi Facial Soap (Charcoal)Nowadays, the used of Facial Bar Soap is the first option in Japan because it didn't use any chemical process and it's safe for facial 
It contains of Kishubincho charcoal and bamboo charcoal that will eradicate excess oil and dirt glands to the pores and makes your skin feel refreshed and beautiful 
Contains of natural hyaluronic acid to soften your skin 
Has the Peaceful woods fragrance 
Lather up net is including. Put the soap into the net, and make plenty of foam in shortly"

Have you tried the charcoal variant? Is it good?


  1. foamy banget yaa >_<
    kalo aku suka ga sabar kalo hrs bikin foam ball dulu wkwk
    nice review btw :D


    1. Iya bangett.. Tapi ini cepet banget kok vi bikin foamnya sampe segitu banyak, gak sampe setengah menit! Hehehehe

      Aw thank youuu :3

  2. busanya benar-benar melimpah! aihh.. padahal tadi ke guardian tapi lupa ngecek -_- ini review racun banget, padahal dari dulu agak pesimis sama facial soap batangan gini. hasilnya mancapzz!

    1. Iyaa.. gue juga liatnya rada aneh sabun cuci muka kok batangan. Tapi ternyata hasilnya sungguh memuaskan!

  3. wah thats a lot of foam! selalu deh van review lo kok sukses bikin gue pengen beli juga sih T.T


    1. MUAAHAHAHAH.. Itulah gunanya ngeblog, buat ngeracunin orang-orang biar pengen!! XP

  4. I love this soap very much...udah lama pake sabun ini..bahkan aku pake buat tubuh..hahaha...ayo yang lain ikut nyobain juga..

    1. yey ada yg jalan-jalan nih ke rumah maya ku.. *ngelirik meja sebelah* ahahahahah

  5. Hi sis sharing aja untuk dapatkan Shisedo Hadasui bisa di

  6. Hi sis sharing aja untuk dapatkan Shisedo Hadasui bisa di

  7. great review sis. just want to let you know that we're having a shizen gokochi promotion on our website :)


  8. Didiemin brp menit kak ? Dipakai kpn aja?


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