Long Time No Haulin' - March 2014 Haul!!

Long time no haulin'!!

Been saving up my money for surviving this wild wild world until I can get any job. And now since I've got my dream job and getting my first paycheck, I'm ready to roll! Another great news, Hypermart is having Beauty Fair where all beauty product is on discount for  25% off!! And some brand do give free pouch or voucher or gift with minimum purchase, it feels just like PAARTAAAAYYYYY!!!

Well not everything here is purchased on Hypermart but most of it. So, without further a do, let's start the haulin'!

First thing on my mind when I know Hypermart is having a discount is to buy all Wardah Lightening Series because I just wanted to try all of them since forever, but I wait for the discount to happen. What I got here:

- Wardah Lightening Day Cream Step 1
- Wardah Lightening Night Cream Step 1
 Wardah Lightening Day Cream Step 2
- Wardah Lightening Night Cream Step 2
- Wardah Lightening Facial Scrub
- Wardah Lightening Gentle Wash
- Wardah Lightening Sunscreen Gel
- Wardah Lightening Face Toner

The only thing I need to get is the lightening serum which I didn't see in Hypermart, maybe I should try looking somewhere else. I didn't get the Cleansing Milk because I don't use it and didn't get the Lightening Mask because I've tried it before and the texture is not up on my alley. Or maybe I should get the mask? Hmm.. Dilemma~

Reason why I want to try the whole range is I want to see how maximum it will lightens my face. They make the whole range and the claim for a reason. Using only one thing or another and ditching it, saying it's not working feels wrong. I think the company would make each product to work together within all products on the range, so hopefully this will satisfy me.

And Wardah is having a deal to get a voucher (if you bought the items at the counter with the BA) or a beauty pouch with minimum purchase of Rp 100.000,-. I didn't get the voucher cause I only browse around their BA-less counter, so I only get a free pouch. The perfect timing to get a free pouch cause I was just thinking about having a beauty pouch to put in the office. Hehee~

Love how it can opened widely so I don't have to dig frustratingly when trying to get something out of there.

Next! Still on the face care range:

- Pixy Perfect-Off Cleansing Gel For Makeup
- Pixy Single Step Liquid Foam For Makeup

Was doing some research for my job and I came across this product which I just found out on their website. I didn't know Pixy is having a face wash for makeup, let alone having 2! From the packaging color I can say it definitely reminds me of Biore Facial Wash 2 in 1. So I decided to try both.

- Fair & Lovely Krim Pencerah

Bought it at the beginning of the month to replace my now empty Gizi Super Cream and been using it ever since for both day & night cream. The texture is very light and very easy to spread & absorbs very fast. The finish it gives & the smell reminds me of Pond's White Beauty Day Cream, which is matte & almost powder like. It has an instant brightening effect that lasts quite long & moisturizing, I can say it's a great dupe for Ponds and I recommend you to try it! It's cheap like only Rp 18.000,- or somewhere below Rp 20.000,-. I'm giving you a mini review cause I'm too lazy to make a separate post for this. Hahaha~

- Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner

My HG toner for my pores!! Aaaahhhh!!! I'll die without youuu!!! Thanks to Sari for giving me free share to try! I tried it and I thought my pores looked smaller but I wasn't really paying attention at the beginning. After my share is done, I try the Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence for a month or so and my pores were getting HUMONGOUS! I'm not kidding!! I was so sad and shocked. I don't know if it's because of the Secret Key or my pores were big since the beginning of my teenagehood and the Wonderpore is the one who helped me to reduce them. Which ever it is, I decided to bought the biggest size available cause I just can't live without it anymore. X( After I get back to using this as my toner, my pores are looking better and smaller. Phew~ I can breathe easily now..

My pores after using the Secret Key STE for a month, you tell me if my face ain't look gritty and nastay.

- Acnes Mentholatum Point Clear
- Acnes Pore Strip

Acnes is having a deal where with any skincare item you bought you'll get a free pore strip! It's a very great deal though. I've been using Point Clear to get rid my acne on the early stage which works very nice. Point Clear is on discount so I pay it for Rp 10.782,- and the pore strip only is priced for around Rp 8.000,-. A VERY GREAT DEAL LAH!!

Remember my The Natural Story Soap review? I fell in love with it I decide to bought all the variant, but sadly they don't have Rose anymore. :(

- The Natural Story Oatmeal Body Soap Bar
_ The Natural Story Japan Rice Body Soap Bar
- The Natural Story Korean Red Rice Body Soap Bar

Another gem I want so bad since the first time it's available here. Smells so delicious!

- Original Source Daily Scrub Cranberry & Honey

 The life of a Body Lotion hoarder. The choice is always between trusted or a new product with amazing smell. So why don't try both?

On the newer side of family:
- Viva Hand & Nail Cream
- Secret Clean Body Butter Mango

The Secret Clean is new or am I just getting late of the season to know this? The mango smells AMAZING! It also has body lotion and body spray but the scent is different so I only get the body butter. Tried Viva and it absorbs quite quickly and smells like salon. Not bad for such price.

On the old and trustee repurchased:
- Marina Natural Rich Moisturizing
- Vaseline Healthy White UV Lightening

The only makeup item I bought this month is only this Revlon MoistureStay Lipcolor in Perfect Pink. It's been around for a long time but I never really pay attention to this collection. But since I've grown so much love with my YSL Rouge Volupte Shine's gold packaging, this soft gold color and slim packaging is attracting me more than ever. Looking forward to try this one!

And last but not least, (actually the only thing I urgently need from all of this post), Evelyn Nail Polish Remover. Bought it on Stroberi. It cleans my nails from polish pretty fast and thats good for me!

And that's it! All my haul from this month!

What did you hauled this month? I'm more than kepo to know!


  1. ya ampun Vani banyak banget belanjaannya hahaha..
    itu Original Source scrubnya jg kemarin gue liat pas lg belanja di Hypermart, mau cobain beli yg mint ah! kayaknya seger banget deh scrub rasa mint hahahaha..
    btw, gue pas pake Wonder Pore pertama kali jg gak perhatiin kok pore-nya mengecil apa nggak huahahaha..


    1. Yang mintnya buat gue wanginya kenceng banget, mitchy, jadi pilih yang ini.. Cuma kalo sampo enak kali yah mint gitu jadi dingin2.. hihihi..
      Iya kaann.. setelah kejadian gini baru deh berasa kalo efeknya itu benerann T^T

  2. Wooooo fansnya wardah nih Van :D
    Aku belum pernah coba sama sekali produk wardah hahaha
    Lihat haulmu mata jadi blink-blink hahaha

    1. Iya nih luci, gara-gara wardah tuh iklannya bagus2 terus juga kalo gak salah pernah denger ada yang bilang lightening seriesnya ini baguuss jadi penasaran abeiisss... hahahah
      Hayoloh, belanja nyok belanjaa *0*

  3. you should get the mask (Wardah) !!! :3
    enak banget deh pake maskernya Wardah, kulit jadi lembut dan lembab gitu
    btw, salam kenal yaaa
    followed you :)


    1. Gue dah pernah pake juga tuh si maskernya wardah, tapi kayanya gak ada kesan yang berarti gitu. Tapi jadi pengen biar maknyos gandos efek lighteningnya kalo lengkap. huihihihii..
      Salam kenal balikk elennnn :*

  4. whoaaaa wardahnya lengkaaap bangeeet >.< ngiler liad original sourceny <3

    1. Iyaa aku agak kepincut gitu sih sama wardah gara-gara dia dulu suka banget endorse blogger hijaber dan fotonya bagus baguuusss... jadi terpatri di otak kalo wardah itu hasilnya bagus. HAHAHAHA..
      Cobain ne, yg ini enak banget baunya kaya permen X)

  5. asik, postingan haulnya uda naik! gw penasaran sama warna revlonnya dari liat di IG lu. Agak coral gitu ya? baguss~ Nanti kl kesana mau coel2 ah.

    1. Iya coral. Aneh deh sari, masa pas liat di toko agak pink, tapi pas dipake dan diliat di rumah kok jadi oren banget yah. padahal namanya perfect pink loh!!

  6. Original source yang mint tapi pas dipake enaaaaak dingin-dingin semeriwing gimana gitu :3

    1. Tapi baunya kenceng banget gitu goonnnnn.. jadi agak gimana gicu.. pengen pengen gak pengen jadinya. hahaha

  7. Seriously, when I read "I've got my dream job and getting my first paycheck, I'm ready to roll!", inget sprinter yg lagi siap2 mo lari, trus dikasi aba2: ready, get set, RUN!" wakakaka.
    btw aku juga lagi make secret key itu, sukaaa ama hasilnya :D

    1. HAHAHAHA iya pas bangett!!! XD
      Ah syukurlah kalo di kamu bagus.. aku gak cocok jadi balik ke etude deehhhh hihihi

  8. Hahahaha hypermart tiba2 emang jadi surga mendadak kaak!!! hahahhaa kemarin juga kalap liatin LT Pro sama sariayu.. huahaha
    tapi ngmg2, ditunggu reviewnya yang viva hand and nail cream. penasaran..:3


      Sebenernya pengen tuh creamy fondinya LT pro tapi abis stoknyaa T^T padahal kan mayan itu kalo dapet pas diskonan.. hahahah
      Siipp.. Cuma nunggunya agak lamaan yah, kalo bikin review test drivenya suka lama sik haha XP

  9. Haul nya banyak banget kaakkk ,aku kepingin yg oatmeal soap ,namanya lucuuuuu ^^
    Wardah bagus ya kak?? Belum pernah nyoba ,kakak pernah beli pac gak?? Aku pengen beli tapi gtw bagus atau nggak


    1. Cobain cobain pattt.. Itu oatmeal sopnya aku suka bangett!
      Wardah aku sih kepincut gara-gara brand ambasador dan iklannya yang bagus-bagus. HAHAHA.. xp
      Aku cuma punya pensil bibirnya tapi di tempat magang dulu makeupnya semua dari PAC. yg aku kepincut sih eyeshadow, bedak, sama brush cleansernya aja, yg lainnya kurang nyantol di hatii~~ hihihi.. cobain aja tuh eyeshadownya super pigmentedd

  10. I bought ori source too...
    Check on my latest haul too

  11. waah nice haul kak ! :D
    jd penasaran banget sama original source >.<, banyak banget bloggers yang review product itu, ngeliat post ini jd makin pgn nyoba hahaha
    aku juga punya big pores, banyak yg bilang EH wonder pores emg bagus buat pori2...jadi tambah tertarik buat nyoba,tp kulitku super sensitif hahahaha XD *galau*
    btw salam kenal ya kak, hehe aku felly follower baru mu *malu malu* X)

    1. cobain deh yang ini wanginya menurut aku paling enak dari semuanya.
      Cobain beli share2an aja dulu ritsuu..kali-kali cocok.. ini bagus banget gak boong X)
      Salam kenal jugaa! Jangannn malu-maluu nanti buntutnya malu-maluin. hahahaha.. xp

    2. Ditunggu tu reviewnya wardah,btw salam kenal,w pake wardah seri basis gk cocok,gatal2 ;)

    3. Ditungu review wardahnya,w pake yg seri basis gatal2,btw salam kenal ..;)

  12. Wardah nya lengkap banget ci :O aku juga pake wonder pore freshner, toner kesukaan! x)


    1. Iya nih gara-gara penasaran banget sama hasilnya dan harganya terjangkau bijiitt.. jadilah beli cemuanah.. X)
      TOS!! I can't live without EH wonderpooooorreeeeeeee X(

  13. Wonder pore nya jg HG toner ku.. wkkwkw itu jg satu" nya toner yg abis di pake ngga bikin kulit kering :3

    Nice haulin btw hihihi ^o^

  14. Hi.. Baru pertama kali main kesini... Salam kenal yah...

    Sepertinya skin care wardah bener2 lagi megang yah. hihihihi, Banyak sekali yang kasih good review. Dan si pore itu sepertinya worth to try..

    Main-main ke blog aku ya. Aku baru aja posting tentang trend makeup 2014, siapa tau lagi butuh inspirasi untuk restock makeup.]


    see you... oh iya, aku barusan follow blog kamu. Lets be friends. :)

  15. Ditungu review wardahnya :D,btw salam kenal :)


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