This or That

Notice anything different from photos above, aside from my ever so sexy and bomb shell-ish hypnotizing eyes?

If you can guessed it, it's my brows.

Got them trimmed when I got my makeup done at Tarzan Photography for my graduation pict. I was feeling curious about what other people (read: makeup artist) will see my face and how they would do it. And to be honest, I was very very dissapointed with the makeup and hairdo. I want to cry but my day had been rough, I don't want to make it any worse. So I was stuck with what's on my head and relay the rest to the hand of the editor. I hope they'll make my face looks better.

Now, I have a kinda mixed feelings about my brows. At some point I don't like to have such a thin brows but it does look a lot neater than how it used to be. And the pointy end would look so unnatural for an everyday makeup. But I feel much more like a woman with this thin brows. I don't know... Grow 'em back in or keeping it neat like now?

What do you think? Which one suits me better?


  1. 2-2 nya cocok kok van tergantung tempat, yg pertama kondangan mall atau jj brg pacar. yg kedua casual buat sehari2 klo pergi engga jauh2. Cakeeep deh rambutny d curly gituuu :3

    1. Nah masalahnya alis gue sekarang udah tipis kaya yg pertama gitu naa, kalo di poto kedua alis gue masih tebel banget.. hahaha

  2. Ah i like you trimmed brows...
    Beneran deh jadi beda memang mukanya tp jd bagusss.... Ayooo jangan jd ga pede tetep cantik kok!

    1. Iya berasa kaya enci2 cina banget gitu lohh huhuhuu


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