October 2013 Haul!

Juussttt a quick update from my internetless cribs. Like I said, my October haul would only be a few. Well actually I spent too much this month for anything else beside makeup. Besides, my unused makeup drawer has been sooo full I got headache just to think that I've spent too much money on things I don't need. And then I came to realize that the most things I used are skincare. So there goes my money...

A few skincare and haircare items thats on my bought list. As you can see how much I love the Gizi Seaweed Cream, I bought 2 for backups. I used it for day and night cream so they kinda finished fast cause they're quite small. I used 1 jar only for less than a month.

Then I really wanted to try Daiso Nose Pack and Daiso Natural Pack. Let's see how they go. As far as I've tried it, they're quite nice. Nothing really over the top actually.

And I ran out of hair conditioner so I just took what's available on Superindo.

Another Daiso product. I've never actually heard any raves about this Cleansing Water but the color and packaging reminds me of the Bioderma Cleansing Water. But I guess they're not comparable for what they worth. What actually make me bought it is the idea of cleansing waters that does not familiar around local products. But when I hold this in my hands and I suddenly realize that Pixy and Ovale are very much alike. And why should I bought this??? Whyyyy????

By the way, out of the boredom of the usual Maybelline Eye & Lips Makeup Remover and for the sake of trying new things I bought this Balms Away to replace my Maybelline one. It's by The Balm and I bought in on sale. Win win situation. :3

Finally. I repeat, FINALLY I get my hands on this pretty baby. Always been wanting it since the first time I saw it but went back and forth about wether to buy it or not. Since I got this Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette I don't even want to buy any eyeshadow anymore. I've got everything I need here. Well at least for now..

Again, bought it on sale cause I want red blushes for fall, but what came is more of an orange-y red while what I want is blue reds. Haaahh... :(

And last but not least. Also been wanting the elf Makeup Lock & Seal for the longest time. But another dissapointment happening ladies and gentlemen. When it's finally arrived on my home, the liquid has been spread all over the box and dried. So what's left is sticky box and EMPTY bottle. AAAAARRRGGGHHH!!! But the shop was kind enough to get me another 1 for free! Yeay, can't wait, can't waiittt.... and oh, I bought the lip brush just because it looked sleek and expensive. Hahahha..

Ok, that's all, folks. Couple weeks on dvds makes me really miss to talk with english. Getting things sharp again and all. Hahahah.. Well then, see y'all soon!


  1. Vani cetar dehhh haulnyaa >.<
    Daiso beli dmn? Ol shop atau store? Katany ad d kota kasablanka. pengen bgt kesana tp jauhnya amit >.<
    Sleeeeekny tak tunggu d ripiueeewww yaak XD

    1. Liat di market plazanya FD, naaa... di daiso sini mah kayanya gak ada deh ih ngeselin :( kalo disini ada kan jadinya lebih murah cuma 22.500... huhuhuu...
      Embeerrr... gak tahan macetnya pulaa kalo ke daerah sana.. huhuhuu..
      Ah sipp!!! XD

  2. Flamenya mirip banget ya sama Lace kalo di foto luu~~Jadi pengeen. ;3 Nanti kl Sleeknya mau direview, pinjem Lace nci lu dong, buat comparison swatchnyaa. hahaha

    1. Iya yah mirip2 gitu. Jadi kesel gue sariii... kalo liat di luxolanya kan keliatannya merah banget gituu.. aaaa tidak sesuai harapan bangett :(


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