My Days on Path & Instagram [Food Edition]

Mi Kepiting & Bakso Komplit @ Bakmi Kepiting Chuan-Chuan

Pork Ramen @ Uncle Jims Resto

UHA Maccha Milk Candy. The best maccha milk candy there is. To be simple, it is Starbuck's Green Tea Latte in a candy form. Taste sooo geewwwddd...

Super Extra Hot Spicy Tempura Ramen @ Gokana Teppan. Or should I say as My Most Favourite Spicy Hot Ramen with Super Extra Yummy Tempura. 

Katsu Ramen @ Gokana Teppan. It's mister's, he doesn't like spicy food.

Whooper Jr., BBQ Beefacon, Fried Chicken, French Fries, Onion Rings, Rice, Cola @ Burger King

Homemade Medium Boiled Eggs that were beautifully captured. Made by Moi.

Current addiction: Milk Goreng. Google for recipe and you won't regret.

Various breakfast for a shoot a while ago.

Curry Laksa @ Kopitiam

Various Scoops of Gelato @ Pisa Café

Jaesu & Instant Fried Noodle @ Random Ropang Stall

J.Cool & Alcapone Cookie @ J.Co

Lays & Chitato on a fancy smancy wooden bowl

As you can see I'm a sucker for noodles and ramen. This is what's mostly happening around my social media 'cause who doesn't love food?? Beside, it's the easiest things to take picture of food instead of anything else. Hehehe..

Whadaya think?

See me on instagram @vanisagita for your (not always) daily dose of me!

So see you when I see you!


  1. aah vani. enyaak~~ kamu membuatku lapat malam! :3

  2. Itu Indomie pakai susu?
    Vani hot ramen lvl berapa tuh? Ga kuat gua van pedes2 sakit d tenggorokan.
    *ngences* makananny banyak bgt.

    1. Level yang paling pedesnya, na.. Ih gue mah doyan bangeettt inii gara2 pedesnyaaa... soalnya kalo ramen laen cabenya gak berasaa.. hahaha..
      Iya, lu cobain deh, jangan pake kecap tapi tambahin susu bubuk sesendok penuh, enaaakkkk :9

    2. Serius van? Enakk? Pake susu? Apa engga manis. Brb googling XD

    3. Seriuusss enak buanget nget nget nget. Pakenya susu bubukk.. agak manis dikit sih, tapi kalo ditambahin sambel jadi maknyusss benerann.. hahahah


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