Fall Trends: Bold Lips or Winged Eyeliner?

Keeping it up with my passion for fall. Huge trends in the season that never ran out of style. I wear winged eyeliner everyday so technically I AM the trend. *rolls eyes*

Just kidd!!!! (Oh, c'mon. you know I'm not). I see that all over the runway that when models sporting this kinda look they always wear it with the most natural flawless base, minimum eyes, and BAM! Perfectly drawn red lips. So does the Winged Eyeliner look, everything else were keep at minimum so your focus would be on the liner itself. And that's actually my favourite way to wear my makeup. Pay attention to one part and make everything else looks like you're naturally born with it. Except my nose. If I have the money and courage to do a nose job, I will.

If I have to choose, I'll most definitely choose winged eyeliner. Bold lipstick colors are high maintenance while I, on the other hand, am very clumsy. I haven't got the nerve on accepting the fact that I might walk around malls with lipsticks bleeding all over my mouth, stuck in my braces, stain my shirt, on my bf's cheek, I just can't. Just imagining it has make my lose all my faith in it.

So how 'bout you? Which trend you'll be sporting the most?


  1. Suka dua-duanya Git
    Rapi banget buat Eyelinernya hahaha. Keren ^_^

  2. Suka 2-2nyaa. Klo winged liner + bold lips bijimanee? heheheh XD

    1. Boleh banget buuu... tapi akoh gak belani makenya kalo buat dailyy. Pas nyengir sereemmmm hahahha

    2. Lipstickny pake ap tu vani? Yg merah bajuss bangeeeet. Pink jg sihh tp demen merahnyaaa :3

    3. Pake sariayu yg seri lasem.. kalo aslinya kliatan agak lebih gelappp... gue juga sukaaa benyeeettttttt hihihihii...

  3. Suka winged liner!!!! Im in loved with winged liner too... Cant live without it! Rapi banget eyelinernya.. Pake eyeliner apa tih??

    1. Aaww maaciii :3
      Itu pake gel linernya maybelline, ran.. tapi not recomended sih for long wear time, soalnya smudge gitu kebawah mataa...


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