Just touched up my roots yesterday for my graduation this saturday and I decided to try a hair do for that. And then, I think why not play with makeup even though I didn't have anywhere to go.

Instead of just play, I made a look for a contest by Viva Cosmetics. You can check that out on their facebook page. Basically, all you need to do is to submit your before and after photos then write a caption about how you proud to be yourself and your proudness of using Viva Cosmetics. Also all products used must be from Viva Cosmetics (DUH!). And that's it!

On my face:

1. Viva Ultra Foundation shade Kuning Langsat
2. Viva Compact Powder shade Kuning Langsat
3. Viva Eyebase Gel
4. Viva Queen Eyeshadow Pencil shade Brown
5. Viva Eyeshadow no. 04 & no. 09
6. Viva Eyeshadow Cream shade Coklat
7. Viva Blush On Fin Touch no. 4
8. Viva Lipstick no. 10

A lot of my friend had asked me of what hair dye do I use to get this hair color. I use the Schwarzkopf shade Passion Blonde with no bleaching. I've dyed my hair a few times already. Around 4 times if I'm not mistaken. And each time I only touch up my roots.

By the way, today is my birthdayy!!! Yeaayyy!!! All I'm wishing is to get my dream come true in any way it would happen.

Gonna be with Mr. A later this evening to celebrate by eating and cuddling I guess? Hahaha.. See ya later, folks! Have a great day!


  1. Cantik Ci:D oh iya Happy Birthday ya:) GBU♥

  2. Ihh cantik bgt vanii :3
    Good luck kontesnya!
    Mirip ciwi2 koreaaahhh.
    Whoaa. Happy late bdayyy vanii. Smoga apa yg km ingini terkabull. Amiin :3
    Dpt surprisee apa nee dr pacaaar? XD

    1. Ah jadi malu :")
      Ikutan juga giihh.. masi ampe tanggal 30... *alias besok* hahahahah
      Amin amin amiinnnnn o:) makacii ya naaa :*
      Dikasih kueh ama dompeet... kiyaaaaa.... dia tau aja dompet eke udah buluk boookkkk XD

  3. sebelum dyed hair pakai schwarzkopf Passion Blonde, kalo boleh tau warna rambut awalnya apaya??
    thanks :)

    1. Hai Kezia! Sebelomnya rambut aku hitam tapi karena udah sampe 4x makin di cat makin terang warnanyaa.. :D


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