Christmas Night

Tryna do another post with english, ladies and gentlemen. As I haven't seen any fashion blogger who blogged using bahasa. And I feel kinda weird for being a pioneer...

Anyway, I just want to post a look of mine from a long time ago when I went to a wedding party. I believe the time was around christmas as I still had my holly camolly christmas tree set up in my living room. Why do I know? Well, it's because the fact that I stood right next to it. That's why.

So, as you guys might already know by now as we speaking, I love christmas like SO MUCH. I wish all year round is christmas with all the festive and warm decoration. Hmm..

Anyway, this look was inspired by the spirit of christmas with red and rusty gold combination. I love how the dress gave me a strong yet feminine look with that fitted shoulders and pleated almost kinda origami type of thing skirt. What a masterpiece.

Sorry that its blurry. My sister helped me took it with low light and she has kinda shaky hands. So, deal with it!

Zara Dress // The Little Things She Needs Mary Jane Shoes // Unbranded Everything Else

More close ups on my makeup that day. Looveee how falsies really helps my eyes looks bigger!

Anyway, the wedding was in Hotel Borobudur and I just love the hotel so much because they put sofas and dressing tables at the restroom! That toilet is far way better than my bedroom! How cool is that?! *norak*

Haha. Okay, let me end this stupidity. Have a nice relaxing weekend everyone!


  1. Waaw dress sama sepatu mary janesnya bagusss^^


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