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College has almost come to an end. My mom and dad and everyone else are asking, "Where would you like to work?". Even my mom is constantly insist me to open a beauty salon. But hell no, I'm not the type of person to sit down and wait all day. I'm more of an organized person. I like to know what should I do, what time should I do it, etc etc. So then I knew what else I can do, how much free time do I have, and all of that jazz. I think I'd like to be a freelance makeup artist. Eventhough it means having to work on weekends, but I know for sure that I have job to do. Not like in the salon where I have to wait for uncertainty.

However, having 2 or more income is always nice. So when I'm low on one, I still have some cash to spend! It actually more and more became a thing that stuck on my head for the past few months. You see, when you grow up, you have things to do. You have responsibility of your on life. You have responsibility to make your parents happy. Well, I want to make my parents happy. For what they had and will always done to me, I want to at least make them proud of me. And one of the biggest thing to achieve it is money. How can I get some cash on my wallet? How would I achieve it? In what way I want to make it happen? Been thinking about those a lot. I don't want to depends on anyone to support my self. There's some proudness on my chest when I can make my own money and buy things from my own earnings. I know a lot of people has started to earn their own money in age much younger than me. But better late than never, right? Hehe

It was started from my cousins idea to make an online shops selling affordable clothes and high quality fashion stuff with the lowest price possible. She ask me and my sis to collaborate and run the business. I've always wanted to make one so why not now?

We chose the most simplest name so its easy to remember. Wilov. Yes, it is made from "We Love" which means the things we love. What we love to see, we love to wear, we love to hear, basically anything we love!

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