[REVIEW] Wet n Wild H20 Proof Liquid Eyeliner



Trududut trududut trudududuuuuuutttt~~~~~~

Give me some mighty entrance for my review post!!

I've made that opening image remind you of my past reviews. Pretty cool, right? XD

I edit it quite a bit, especially on my forest-like brows which you can see on the test to prove photos. But no shape editing on the next following images. I just really want to make that opening feels Grande. huehehehe..

As you can tell, on this post I'm going to review an eyeliner. I think I make a good judgement on eyeliners since my lid can almost represent double lid or a monolid. Eyeliner has been a really good friend of mine to lift up my eyes and make 'em bigger and prettier, not to mention how it can drastically change my eyeshape from droopy and sleepy to awake and daring. Such a wonderful inventions..

Let's jump right in to the product. Nothing really special on the packaging. Plastics with long cap. Its like the basic shape of a liquid eyeliner on any brand. It's just OK for me as a packaging junkie. (meaning I would buy a product just because of the cute or pretty packaging. Yes I judge the book by its cover!)

I always love this kind of applicator that's almost like a marker so I feel easier to make a winged eyeliner. Great for beginners in liquid liner. Those flimsy long applicator just are enemy! I feel you, boo!


To the hand test. It looks nice and really great on my hand. Even after I wet it and rubbed it so hard, it still stays! On the last picture I rubbed it so hard until I hurt my self. But who want to rubbed their eyes that hard?? Well, I won't. So its a save!

Who am i judging? It's an eyeliner. I need to test it on my eyes to see how it really works!!

Wore it for 12 hours today and it still look good and stayed in place for the whole day. A bit smudgy on the outer corner where my eyelid tends to touch itself. But my wings still looking great and sharp.

Now, what I have experienced, you have to really work precisely when drawing this eyeliner. If I put too much going back and forth the product will get thicken and doesn't feel right on the lid. It will get easier to smudge and sometimes it also flakes like my last pict up there.

Then it became so confusing cause the applicator is suitable for beginners, but the formulation is for the pros. Well, I would recomend this for someone with double lid, I'm sure it will stays on you. But for my fellow monolids out there, I don't recomend this to you guys. Unless you can do it in thin layers and not building it up. But if you still want to try this, please do! Who knows  it might be your HG eyeliner. Hehehhe..

The only thing I hate from this eyeliner is the removing part. It is one of those liner when you wipe it with makeup remover, it will melt and get smudgy everywhere. Unlike the Estee Lauder Double Wear or Sariayu Liquid Liner where it dries like plastics and so easy to remove.

And that is it! I hope you guys can get a better picture after reading this. If you get confused, no worry. I feel the same way too. :s

Hahahha.. Just kid!

See you guys anytime soon!


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